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Ask Me Anything: What Do You Actually Own?

Ask Me Anything: What Do You Actually Own?

A few people have asked something similar to Doc’s most recent question:

“I have a simple question – you post pictures with many different types of motorcycles. What do you actually own, or do you rent them? …And what do you prefer?”

Without further ado, here is my current riding stable:

’15 Triumph Bonneville

’14 KTM 690 Enduro

’11 Triumph Tiger 1050

Over the life of this blog, I have had quite a few other bikes so you’ll see those peppered throughout old posts. Some I miss, some I don’t. Everything seemed to serve a purpose towards moving on to the next thing.

The bikes I’ve rented: Triumph Tiger 800/1050, BMW 700GS/800GS/R1150R, Harley-Davidson Road King.

What do I like best? Having choices 🙂

The bikes that I have to ride right now each have their own niche. My riding desires ebb and flow so they each rotate in and out of the favorite spot. The Tiger can hustle on the backroads and eat highway miles, the Bonnie is an easy-does-it ride, and the KTM can go everywhere and is like sex on wheels. I’m happy with this lineup. The only change I’ve been toying with is getting rid of the Tiger. Not to replace it with anything else but just… because. We’ll see.

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AMA: Where Do You Find The Time…?

AMA: Where Do You Find The Time…?

Where and how do you get all this time to be wheeling around?

This Ask Me Anything was one of the first questions that I received. I did have a video response to it that I must’ve accidentally deleted because I can’t find it now. ::sad trombone:: So, I’m going to peck out a typed response.

The funny thing about this question is that I often feel like I never go anywhere and never do anything. I’m frequently plagued with the sense that much of my life consists of things I have to do versus things I want to do.

Mundane: I work a typical 40 hour-a-week job with 5 weeks of PTO a year. Nothing earth-shattering there as far a free time goes. I’m a teenager’s mom, a wife, and a dog’s human – I’ve got plenty of life-maintenance things that keep me occupied.

Magic: I write my blog in such a way that obviously makes some people think I have a lot more free time than I really do. This isn’t an intentionally deceptive choice, just a stylistic one.

For example: when I take a trip somewhere it makes more sense to me to write about it in multiple small posts versus one long diatribe. A long-form post is one and done. Trip happened, it’s over. Single posts on the other hand, can stretch out the perceived timeline and help it linger. The posts become paragraphs or chapters of a larger story. And in those paragraphs you can dwell on smaller details and ideas. In the long run I believe you say more that way.

Though I may have only been gone for a week, I could be writing about it for months. As the saying goes, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. That concept helps to keep my posting-train from going off the rails but also makes some people think I’m always on the go.

When not away away, I take my free time when it presents itself. You look at the things that need to be done and the things you want to do. If I budget my time, can I do both? If I can, I will. If the choice is between vacuuming on a Sunday morning and going for a ride? The ride wins. My floors will still need vacuuming when I get home.

Also, and this is huge and may be the linchpin to everything – I have a tremendously supportive and flexible family. Each of us is independent and appreciative of the things the others like to do. Life would be a challenge without this in place.

The blurriest line that occurs when you blog is the one between you-you and the reader’s you. As the writer, you can only take people so far. The reader fills in the gaps based on their own perceptions. Some people are astute at picking up nuances of your personality or life, while other assumptions are wildly incorrect. In the end we all see what we want or need to.

TLDR: I’m not a galavanting adventurer. I just play one on my blog 😉

AMA: If you had to pick a song or songs to sum up your life philosophy, what would you choose?

AMA: If you had to pick a song or songs to sum up your life philosophy, what would you choose?

Q: If you had to pick a song or songs to sum up your life philosophy, what would you choose?

No kidding, I’ve thought about this question since it came in a few months ago. I keep running in to a brick wall mostly because I’ve realized that I don’t definitively know what my life’s philosophy is.

There are things I’ve come to understand about myself or ways in which I now believe in behaving as a result of being terribly mean to people in my past. I don’t take any pleasure in saying that I have been ruthlessly cruel when handling other people’s hearts. It isn’t something I am proud of. And so, I suppose you could say that continually I try to move towards redemption as I proceed forward in my life.

Each day I have varying degrees of success and failure in attempting to find forgiveness, to be honest and to practice kindness. In the course of my internal work, I wrestle with shame, guilt, depression and destructive self pity. Though I may sometimes come up short on the good things I want for myself, still I move forward towards the light hopefully.

Perhaps you might find a common thread that I don’t consciously see in some of my most played earworms:

  1. No Halo – Sorority Noise
  2. Hello, I’m in Delaware – City and Colour
  3. Blood in the Cut – K. Flay
  4. 22, a Million (full album)- Bon Iver
  5. Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National
  6. Birds – Kate Nash
  7. No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses
  8. Anyone who knows what love is – Irma Thomas
  9. Buried Myself Alive – The Used
  10. Anomaly – Angels and Airwaves

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AMA: At What Point Do You Realize Everything Is Going To Be OK?

AMA: At What Point Do You Realize Everything Is Going To Be OK?

Q: At what point do you realize that everything is going to be OK, you know what you’re doing, have no fear, you got this …..happens?

I’m going to try to stick to thinking about this question in a motorcycle/travel-y sort of way. There are plenty of other avenues where I might go careering down a path of self-destruction. Motorcycling isn’t one of them 🙂

At what point do I realize everything is going to be OK?

If I think about this in more specific terms like maybe packing up and setting off on a trip – it’s a little easier to put my arms around. I’ve been trying to boil this down in to a simple, realistic answer. And that is – I suppose that most of the time I think things are going to be okay. For all of my nail-biting, hemming, hawing and moments of self-doubt, there is a steady undercurrent of the glass being half full that ultimately propels me forward. I want things to work out. Sometimes that’s enough to make it happen.

When I start noodling about maybe going away somewhere, I tend to imagine it as an entirely positive experience. I decided things will be okay before I roll out of the garage.

…you know what you’re doing: I’m not sure I feel like I know what I’m doing. It’s more of a neutral feeling versus what I might consider a confident feeling. Generally speaking, I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’ll be able to work out whatever goes wrong.

have no fear: Mmm, I hesitate and mull things over all the time. My nature isn’t reckless. I tend to say that I’m scared of everything and yet it doesn’t usually keep me from doing the things or riding to the places that spark my curiosity. Sometimes I think my definition of fear or being scared is askew.

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Ask Me Anything: How does being female affect your motorcycling?

Ask Me Anything: How does being female affect your motorcycling?

  • How does being female affect your motorcycling?
    • Does it influence how strangers view and approach you?
    • Do you de-emphasize gender — for example, in style and colors of gear you wear?

Thanks for the great question, Ally!

Somewhere in Illinois at sunrise in the suit that made me give up light-colored gear.

Have a burning question? Ask me anything.

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