Road-Tripping: Greetings From Illinois

Road-Tripping: Greetings From Illinois

After finishing the Void Rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia instead of going straight home, I decided to use up some of my vacation time and take a little road trip. I left Virginia on Sunday morning heading southwest. I don’t really have much of a plan other than floating around trying to absorb parts of America that I don’t usually get to see. I’m writing this post from southern Illinois.

I'm a sucker for a Lovers Lane sign - Gordonsville, Virginia
I’m a sucker for a Lovers Lane sign – Gordonsville, Virginia

While riding along all day, I’ve got nothin’ to do but think. Hopefully some of that makes it to this here blog. Watching America roll by gives you lots to chew on. What a weird and wonderful place it is.

Guess I’d better get typing.

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    1. I dipped my toe in for just a minute on my way towards Springfield, Il today but have to keep pressing on to get back home.

      one day i hope to have more time to linger.

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