Big, Pink Roadside Odds and Ends in West Virginia

Big, Pink Roadside Odds and Ends in West Virginia

As I wound my way across West Virginia towards Kentucky, I spotted a few great pink roadside attractions.

A super-duper pink elephant in Barboursville on Route 60.

big pink elephant Barboursville, WV

Just down the road from the pink elephant in Huntington, WV is a pink giraffe with green spots. Naturally.

pink giraffe with green spot

And smack in between the two I spotted this pink pig bus, also along Route 60.

pink pig bus!

Isn’t that awesome? I wonder if the horn oinks when you press it 🙂

9 Replies to “Big, Pink Roadside Odds and Ends in West Virginia”

    1. Serendipity strikes! I love it when that happens.

      I keep feeling like i need to mount my phone so I can look at it while I’m on the bike to find “stuff”. I currently don’t do that and leave it in my tankbag or pocket. Is yours mounted?

      1. Nope. It’s in the tank bank, connected to the charger while I ride.

        I don’t often get the chance to take long, random, solo rambles. And Mike doesn’t enjoy odd stuff OR frequent stops for any reason, so a mount would do me little good. 🙁

  1. Now you’re talkin’… odd roadside attractions… in pink?!!! In my next life, I want to come back as a good luck charm hanging off your handlebars. To go everywhere with you and see the amazing sights.

      1. I’m totally picturing a pair of glittery, shiny handlebar streamers like those on kids’ bikes back in the day. If those aren’t good luck magnets, I don’t know what is.

        The only thing cooler is playing cards in the spokes (I’d ask to be those, but they’d be pointless on a real motorcycle).

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