My Favorite Motorcycle Boots

Buy right, buy once.

That was my thinking when I saw the Sidi Adventure GORETEX boots. At the time, it was painful looking at their $550 price tag. “Five hundre…?! *faints*” But in the last 4 years of duty, they’ve kept my feet warm and dry, buckles still buckle, velcro does what it’s supposed to. Plus, they look a little badass.

Besides, $137.50 a year? That seems a little more palatable, doesn’t it? Though they are ridiculously squeaky they are by far, the best motorcycle boots I’ve ever owned.

Their life in pictures 🙂

That’s them with their siblings – the middle child.

Meeting a celebrity who shall remain nameless.

Showing up at the party wearing the same boots, how embarrassing.

Starting to show their scuffage while meeting the Gemini Giant.


This post is part of a 29 posts in 29 days blogging challenge hosted by Kathy at Today’s writing prompt: Favorite Shoes


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3 Responses

  1. bob says:

    OK, I know this is a stretch, but here’s my favorite video about boots:

    You’re welcome.

  2. Dan Diego says:

    They are beautiful, aren’t they? There’s really nothing quite like good gear, boots especially.

    I recently acquired my “dream boot” the Sidi Crossfires (I think I saw a pair in your collection). They’re my 5th pair of Sidi boots and worth every penny.

    Yeah, there’s nothing like good boots.

  3. Kathy says:

    LOL, I loved this post! I’m not sure which comparison pic was my favorite. Loved them all. Nice way to add a twist to a predictable “motorcycle boots are my favorite shoes.”

    Yes, I am still playing catch-up. Sigh. Hopefully this week won’t be quite as demanding.

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