4 Replies to “Saturday Selfie: Dirt Road and Goggle Edition”

  1. Ahhh, ain’t nothin’ like the taste of some good dirt on a summer Saturday morn. Heck, it’s nutrient-rich and great for plants, so it can’t be all that bad for humans. Right? Right?

    I grew up camping a lot. It was an inexpensive way for my parents to vacation with us kids, and it paid off: Though my sister and brother each have their own families, the three of us remain best friends. My parents had convinced us early on that desert sand especially was nothing but “good dirt”. When we came up covered with the stuff, “Don’t worry, that’s good dirt”. When we found small dunes in our sleeping bags, “Aw, that’s just some good dirt”. When the desert breeze seasoned our lunches with grit, “That good dirt won’t hurt you a bit”. Hell, I grew up believing that “good dirt” was essential to a well-balanced diet (What do you think them Egyptians built that food pyramid thing on?). And you know something, “good dirt” IS essential to a well-balanced diet–if not for body, certainly for mind. Mmmm, dirt.

    Today, as soon as my snoozin’ brother gets his ass out of bed and calls (he has an excuse, was working late last night), we’re gonna ride to Evanston, Wyoming to buy fireworks that are illegal in Utah. Because nothing screams independence and Independence Day like trafficking illegal goods across state lines.

    Happy Weekend!

  2. hey fuzzy, bill and I were looking for you and kenney at conserve the ride this weekend, but it looks like you were cheating on us at some other off road event. hope you had a good weekend, maybe we will see you next year.

    1. So good to hear from you, Art! 🙂 Timing is everything – we just couldn’t swing it this year. Though Kenny had just been out riding that way 2 weekends ago at the Durty Dabbers.

      Did you take any pics that are up online?

      Give Bill a big hello from us!

      1. Sorry, but us old folks aren’t so good with all that “on-line” stuff. I don’t think its going to catch on anyway.

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