Target: Your 1 Stop Shop

Whoa. Did you know that Target sold motorcycle helmets?

I don’t know anything about the brand quality but I just found that interesting. Now you can stop in after work, buy a lawn chair, a box of tampons, a fridgepack of Diet Pepsi and a motorcycle helmet all in 1 shot. Nice.

I’ve heard that the Choxie Espresso Chocolate bar… the one in the brown cardboard wrapper… with the cute circle design pattern on it… that they have at the registers, on the top row.. next to the gift cards… yea, i heard those are really good.

Yay, Target.

**its not actually available in stores, online only


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5 Responses

  1. novos says:

    I might just buy the Tampons, Helmet, and see if they have Entenmann’s Chocolate Crullers as well. 🙂

  2. rick says:

    We love Target!

  3. Crusty says:

    Hey maybe us bike shop owners need to fight back by carrying tampons…I can see it now, next to the Male dipers with the Harley logo on them i’ll have a display of tampons with racing stripes or flames???? yeah that should go over big!

  4. FUZZ! says:

    See? Now you’re talkin’! 😀

  5. Renee says:

    Choxie is awesome 🙂

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