REPOST: PMS – The Silent Killer

REPOST: PMS – The Silent Killer

I made this image back in 2013 when Long Island was being pummeled by another snowstorm. The weather lately has been much the same – we’re measuring snow in feet.

I’ve seen this image posted, re-posted with my blog name removed – which is annoying, my words re-used, the image cut in half and other people’s garages placed on top and a few other remixes. It’s been interesting to see it take on it’s own life out there in the wild of the internet.

That was my dog Luna, who is now probably barking at the guy delivering mail to the rainbow bridge. The Ural is gone, too. The Enfield in the foreground will be heading out this year as well. The earmarks that I see that place this image as mine have changed quite a bit. That’s all part of weathering the storm, I guess.


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