The Story of a Girl

The Story of a Girl

Once there was a girl. Her heart was wild. It fluttered and wandered; it wanted more. It wanted everything.

Full of love and curiosity, some days she’d wake up with no idea of where either would take her. What story would unfold that day? Who could know? What could be more exciting?

She moved across the world mostly unseen. Some days day her toes would be in the ocean and others they would stand high above the edge a valley, Earth spilling out below.

The song that carried her along changed from day to day like the color of her eyes. When the girl was unsure and didn’t know how to move forward, other kind hearts would lend their song to pull her along. Go on, wild little heart. Keep going, they’d say. We’re here to carry you.

And each day, she was grateful.


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  1. What an absolutely delightful way to have told your story! It reminded me of a number of beloved books from childhood with that tone of “God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world” that buoyed my childish heart along until the days when I grew up and reality peeked its harsh head around too many corners. Thank you, sincerely, for that momentary respite from adulthood; it felt wonderful!

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