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Daydreaming: RoadRunner Magazine’s State College PA Shamrock Tour

Daydreaming: RoadRunner Magazine’s State College PA Shamrock Tour

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about taking a road trip. Because of logistics here at the homestead, it doesn’t look like Kenny and I will be taking any extended road trips together over the summer. That does make me sad but I know that he would support me in heading off on my own if the opportunity arises. Just as I would him.

RoadRunner Magazine State College PA Shamrock TourThe July/August issue of RoadRunner Magazine features a Shamrock Tour based out of the State College, PA area that looks enticing. I’ve been in the area and on a couple of the roads that the loops cover so I’m confident it would be a good time. And at only 850 miles or so for the full route, the shamrock can probably (maybe) be done over a long weekend.

State College, PA is about 300 miles from where I live. If I zipped out there after work one Thursday, took Friday off, I could cover at least 3 leaves of the shamrock and still be home on Sunday night.

In October I am doing the Void Rally 10, which will spider-start with State College as one of its cities. So if I miss a leaf and am feeling sad panda about it, I can try to pick it up then if I don’t find myself back in the area before the summer is over.

The only downside to this daydream is… that I want to go right now.

the view from hyner overlook
The view from Hyner Overlook – June 2014
Cold Weather Musings – Checking in from the Eastern Tundra

Cold Weather Musings – Checking in from the Eastern Tundra

Hey, Everybody-

Just checking in with a hello.

Here on Long Island, we were treated to 2 feet of snow when the storm Juno came rolling through town last week. Last night we received a few more inches of fluff which are now being followed up with freezing rain. Temperatures are set to drop into the teens tonight. My whole world is turning in to a block of ice.

This is probably the point where someone will chime in that I could (should?) be riding the Ural around. But, I just haven’t felt like it. ::shrug:: I’ve been keeping myself plenty busy doing other things.

Doing “Other Things”

Did you know there was stuff to do besides riding motorcycles? 😉 Lately I’ve been shoveling, running and riding my fat bike.

Sunday was the last 5K for our local park Winter Run Series. Though I can run any time I want to, I always enjoy running an event. I’m kinda sad that’s over. The Summer Run Series of 8 races doesn’t start until June. That’s practically 300 years from now.

It probably won’t be a shock but I’m not a fast runner, but I’m steady and committed. When I first started running I was 39 years old, crazy pudgy, completely embarrassed and not sure if I could do it at all. My first weeks at it had me huffing and puffing, unable to run for 1 solid minute. Pretty sad, huh? But I kept trying and fell in to a routine. Now I’m about to turn 41 in a minute and I’ve come a lot further than I ever imagined I could. I just registered for my first half marathon. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

For the past few weeks I’ve also been reading and checking out podcasts about meditation. In my never ending quest to chill the fuck out, I’ve been listening to the soothing sounds of a lady who I’m sure has hairy armpits leading me down to the path to relaxation. Last week I think I might have had a breakthrough in thinking about nothing. Either that or I fell asleep.

Planning on not Planning was the Plan

Even though I thought that maybe making plans wasn’t the thing to do, I’ve been daydreaming up a storm about all the places that I’d like to go this year. Will I follow through on them? Well, that will probably be a mixed bag of yes and no.

Lately I have had these crazy fantasies about riding to work on Fridays with my top box packed with little more than a couple maps, a toothbrush and clean underpants. Then when it’s time to slide down the dinosaur at quittin’ time, I’d just sail off to points west of here. Which is pretty much everywhere. Then I’d saunter home on Sunday feeling like a shiny new penny with glorious tales of the road. That could just be a fantasy, indeed. But those fantasy-seeds have a nice way of turning into flowers sometimes.

I’d like to ride through more of rural Pennsylvania this year. It would be terrific if anyone had any routes, loops or suggestions of places to visit. I’m all ears. I’d like to wander the two-laners in the Keystone State.

Six More Weeks of Winter

Our pal Punxsutawney Phil is predicting 6 more weeks of winter. Maybe I’ll roll the Ural out, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just spend the next few weeks continuing to stuff my brain full of unplanned plans. Who knows?

What have you been up to lately?

Stay warm and be happy, friends.

fuzzygalore fuzzmop sign
We are the Fuzzmops. Welcome to our house.


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