Moto Mailbag: Stickers and Postcards and Gifties, Oh My!

Moto Mailbag: Stickers and Postcards and Gifties, Oh My!

Last fall I put out the request to get postcards from readers. You know, when you’re traveling, just to say hi! from your hometown, when you stumble across a cool one that you just want to buy and send to somebody. Since then, I have been surprised by the wonderful things that pop up in my PO box.


This week I received a postcard from Bancha over at Bento Box. He’s a motorcyclist and cyclist that I talk to all the time on Twitter.

Kathy from ToadMama sent me a wonderful heartfelt card that really personified my feelings all winter.

Ry from sent some sunshine my way from his travels.

Hammy from Hammy’s Experimental Rallies sent me some stickers for participating in his Space Explorer rally. Yay!

And then there was as super-deluxe package that came from Oregon courtesy of Trobairitz and Troubador. Inside it was a wonderful card, badge buttons and the coolest robot zipper case for inside my tankbag. Holy moly, I may have squealed when I saw all this loot. But, just a tiny bit! 

gemma correll lets ride button

My daughter loves Gemma Correll so this button really hit the mark and went right on my jacket 🙂


I won’t lie. I got choked up with I opened my mailbox this week. The idea that people are moving about their lives and you -a stranger- cross their mind enough for them to drop something in the mail? Well, it’s pretty awesome. This motorcycle blogger thing is a-okay.

Thank you. Thank you all. You really brightened my week <3


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