California Love: Rain on the Sonora Pass

California Love: Rain on the Sonora Pass

Hot, cold, hot, cold… that summed up the weather on our trip up to this point. As we rode higher up into the mountains on CA 108, heading towards the beautiful Sonora Pass we would finally press our luck with the rain.

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I pulled over on a straightaway in a valley area to snap a quick photo. While stopped, several other riders stopped to let us know that it was raining and slightly icy at the summit of the pass ahead. With an elevation of over 9,600 feet it was really no surprise. We could see in the distance that the rain was gathering over the mountains where we were headed.

Looking towards the Sonora Pass

As we milled around on the side of the road donning our rain gear another bike came down from the mountain and sputtered to a stop. We asked him if he needed help but he said he was okay. The wobbly rider had taken a spill up on the pass. He was fine and his bike ultimately came back to life and away he went.

Though we’d been warned twice, we decided to move forward anyway. Cautiously.

The Sonora Pass Sign

It was hard to really tell if parts of the road were wet or if they were icy. If those other riders had never mentioned the word “ice” it probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind. I just kept telling myself to go slow and steady. Even though the conditions weren’t ideal, I still wanted to appreciate the experience of riding such a fantastic road.

As we made our way over the crest of the pass, the rain began to let up. But, we had other hazards to contend with. Cows. Of course.

Cows on CA 108

As we dipped into the valley on the eastern side of CA 108, it was such a relief to see some sunshine and dry roads. We hooked into 395 and headed north, stopping for a bite to eat at Walker Burger in Coleville. We sat in the shady garden outside eating our burgers.

Walker Burger in Coleville California

The wind began to really pick up. A wall of ferocious looking clouds were hot on our heels again. It seemed like the rain wasn’t done with us yet.

Rain was coming for us

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