Moto-Mail: What’s In My Mailbox?

Moto-Mail: What’s In My Mailbox?

When I stopped in to my PO Box last week, aside from that great blog calling card from Ry at Two Wheels to There I also received an envelope from Canada from a name I didn’t recognize.

a postcard and ride guide from

Inside was not only a lovely postcard and a note but also a local ride guide from Christine at How awesome is that? I thought that was incredibly sweet to send another rider some suggested routes and things to see along the way. I was tickled pink 🙂

Thanks, Christine!

And wouldn’t you know it? Just yesterday I received another big envelope in the mail. This time from Kathy at

Along with a 2-page handwritten(!) note, she sent along some prints of blog posts and pages out of a RoadRunner magazine that featured riding around Western Pennsylvania.

riding in western pa from

It was like Christmas at the post office!

Thank you, ladies. These really picked up my spirits and have me looking forward to spring.

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  1. Very cool. It is always nice to get that little something in the mail from a fellow moto-blogger. Toadmama is especially good at that. Now where did I put those postcards?

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