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Goodbye, My Russian Friend – Safe Travels

Goodbye, My Russian Friend – Safe Travels

When I bought the Ural, I had no idea what to really expect. It was something that I was curious about and approached it with a “why the hell not?” attitude.


In hindsight, it was the right decision for me. The only way that I know of to truly satisfy a curiosity is to go ahead and grab it by the tail.

But as time moved on, riding on 3 became less important to me. And so, the Ural spent a lot of time taking up space in the garage and going un-loved. That simply would not do. The big, orange girl has gone on to a new owner who has their own curiosity to satisfy.


Good luck and safe travels, funky Russian machine! You were fun.

Yikes! Ural Rim Split

Yikes! Ural Rim Split

Holy crap! My mom’s friend stopped by on his Ural. His front rim split and separated on the trip over to the house.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be holding together by sheer luck. He’s so fortunate that the trip didn’t end in catastrophe.

There was a recall put out on wheels stamped with 2012 dates, but this rim was stamped as a 2013. He said he never received any recall notice about it, which makes sense based on the date. Ural responded on my Instagram photo with a note to contact them right away.

I haven’t followed up to see what has happened since last weekend. Many Ural riders don’t have a dealer around the corner. They are often hundreds of miles away. I wonder if they drop ship the wheels to you, especially in cases where the bike is not rideable?

Big Ducks, Hot Jugs, Frozen Fingers and a Ural

Big Ducks, Hot Jugs, Frozen Fingers and a Ural

When I got up and let the dog out this morning, it didn’t seem especially cold out. So, after having two cups o’ joe, I decided to suit up and ride over to the post office.

For some reason, the expression “haulin’ the mail” was stuck in my head all morning. I don’t know why that happens. It’s like you wake up with your brain in sponge-mode and it’s just dying for something to get lodged in there. You just never know what that something will be.

So with haulin’ the mail lyrically dancing through my mind over and over, going to get the actual mail seemed like as good a plan as any.

fuzzygalore christmas greeting

And wouldn’t you know it? One of my holiday greetings was a picture card of my friend riding at Deal’s Gap in the same way people send pictures of their kids – only not involving awful plaid outfits. Right on, ride on!

Since I was already out, I continued on to the big duck to pick up the ADVRider Tag-o-Rama tag. You know how much I love that silly duck. Unfortunately, I opted to wear my regular winter gloves versus my Gerbing gloves because I’m a moron. In the 60 mile round trip it hovered around 30 degrees and I had to pull over several times to let my frozen digits warm up next to the Ural’s big jugs. It’s just so dumb. I’ve got heated gloves, for cryin’ out loud!

Even though my fingers were aching from the cold, it felt great to be out. I’m on vacation until the New Year and it seemed like the perfect way to christen my time off.

Santaride 2014: Santa and the Return of Her Sidecar Elf

Santaride 2014: Santa and the Return of Her Sidecar Elf

fuzzygalore and elf - santa ride

On Sunday we set off on our annual Santa Ride and it was glorious.

Once again my daughter Chloe reprised her role as my sidecar elf. It always amazes me when she chooses to hang out (dressed as an elf) with her goofy mother (who dresses like Santa) when she could be doing teenager stuff like navel gazing and texting friends who are in the same room.

Chloe gave her waving arm a real work out. She seemed far more into it and excited about taking the ride than in years past. I don’t know the reason but I’m glad about it.

I hope that one day these memories are happy ones for her and that they aren’t the stuff that trips to the psychiatrists couch are made of. “Do you KNOW what my mother used to do each year around Christmas?”

Time will tell.

Photo: My Dog Lilo in the Sidecar

Photo: My Dog Lilo in the Sidecar

fuzzygalore lilo in the ural sidecar
It turns out that Lilo is nervous about riding in the sidecar. I’m pretty sure it’s the noise. Hell, Lilo Puppy Dynamite is scared and runs out of the kitchen when I rip tinfoil off the roll. It stands to reason that something that sounds like a bag of wrenches in the washing machine might set her off.

We did a couple of super-slow rides around the neighborhood. She’s clearly scared. I’m not sure if I should continue to try to get her used to the racket or if I should just let her be. I was hoping it would be fun for both of us, but I’m not so sure.