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Yikes! Ural Rim Split

Holy crap! My mom’s friend stopped by on his Ural. His front rim split and separated on the trip over to the house. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be holding together by sheer...


Photo: My Dog Lilo in the Sidecar

It turns out that Lilo is nervous about riding in the sidecar. I’m pretty sure it’s the noise. Hell, Lilo Puppy Dynamite™ is scared and runs out of the kitchen when I rip tinfoil...


Taking a Detour on the Road to Sidecardog-hood

We’ve had a setback on the Lilo Sidecar Dog front. During her first vet visit after adopting her, we discovered that she has heartworm. All told, the treatment for heartworm takes months. During the course, Lilo has...


My Ural Got a Boo Boo and That Makes Me Sad

There are few things as soul crushing as hearing something fall over in the garage followed by the cavernous echo of whatever that thing was bouncing off of your sidecar. Then when you walk into...


Channeling Spirit – Do I Have a Sidecar Dog?

Unless you’re a free and single bachelorette (…or bachelor, I’ve heard they let guys ride motorcycles now) the idea that you need to balance your motorcycle ridin’ with spending time with the important people...


Fuzzstagram: Slow No More…

…but probably not much less. Which is just the way I like it. You’re so cute, Ural. 🙂 “Learn about improvements in acceleration, handling, braking and fuel economy at www.imz-ural.com/2014“


We Are the Hopeless Gang!

We will come to your town! We will kick some ass! …assuming we don’t break down on the way. 😀 Oh. In case you were wondering? Slowest drag race EVER!


Seeing Signs – Make Someone Happy

Watching “Signs,” featuring a scene with Mel Gibson’s Graham Hess, sparks a reflection. People either view lucky events as signs and miracles, suggesting a protective presence, or attribute them to mere chance, leaving them feeling alone and fearful. The film prompts the viewer to consider whether life events are mere coincidences or something more. Which perspective resonates with you?


Grrrr! My New Ural Yamal TShirt

While I was at Ural of New England last weekend, I got a Ural Yamal tshirt.  Olga, proprietress and fabulous lady, designs the shirts that are for sale in their shop. LOVE! What the...