Finding Gold on the Waters Edge

The dark months. They rabbit punch me right in the feels. Do you ever get bummed because there is so little daylight?

fuzzygalore royal enfield golden hour

On the upside of these dark times, this is when the sunsets here on the north shore seem extra vibrant. The sky will be lit up with the most amazing pinks and oranges. And the gold… the gold on the water takes on a magical quality. A worthy consolation for darkness coming before most people make it home from the office each day.

Find the beauty in each day. In 40 sleeps, we’ll get over the hump and the days will start becoming longer again. Just gotta hang on…


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14 Responses

  1. The shorter days really bother me as I get older. Working indoors I can spend many days going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. That’s just plain unnatural.

    Thanks for sharing the dazzling photo.

  2. Kathy says:

    The light at this time of year is fabulous. I envy you living so close to the water. I am okay with the shorter days/cold/being indoors until about mid-February. That’s when the gloom hits. But then it’s Spring again and everything comes alive to wash the darkness away.

  3. RichardM says:

    Just the way it is. I make myself go outside in the middle of the day especially as the days get shorter. In Barrow, their last sunrise of the year is in 10 days.

  4. Raindog says:

    1.) Clean and repair motorbiking gear. 2.) Clean and repair camping gear. 3.) Work on ‘feeding the pig’. 4.) Continue writing back-posts for the blog I will launch.

    These are just some of my motorbiking related plans for passing the frigid, frozen, and dim months. This way, come the first warm-ish day in March or April (as mid-March can feel warm following the deep freeze of January and February), I’ll be ready to mount one of the trusty steeds and be off like a frontier bandit from a highway robbery. Though to the sun-starved rider, a warm day in spring appears far more golden and is much more precious than any dye-packed bank booty (Insert here hip-hop-esque “Oawww yeah! Uh. Uh.” Hell, I just don’t know how to spell that shit. Do they even write down their lyrics?).

    Of course, whenever the winter roads are free of ice and snow, I’ll still commute and run errands by motorbike.

  5. bluekat says:

    Nice image. Love the deep colors and the light. Yep, 40 sleeps and counting 🙂

  6. Canajun says:

    As we get older we really shouldn’t be wishing the days away, but I can never wait for November to be over, and then March. To me those are the longest 2 months of the year. Winter I can deal with. And summer – well, it’s SUMMER! But the transition months make me nuts.

  7. Trobairitz says:

    Gorgeous colors in that photo. Very nice.

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