Wandering, Seeing, Staying Open

Wandering, Seeing, Staying Open

As a task-driven person, I can have difficulty with being aimless. The devil will find work for idle hands to do, and all that. Though I often wander, there is still some internal structure to my non-plan plan. That structure just might be the loosest wisp of an idea but it still spins the needle on my internal compass.

When I don’t have a specific place or thing that pulls me into an unfamiliar area, I sometimes have to gently remind myself of all that is just waiting to be discovered before I set off. The key is to remember that seeing just one new and unknown-to-me awesome thing will have made the trip worthwhile. And when a place is unknown to you, the probability is pretty high for stumbling across something interesting.

Stay open to possibility. Don’t be afraid. Or, be afraid but go anyway.

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  1. “…be afraid but go anyway.” Courage cannot be present in the absence of fear. Congratulations on being courageous! I also share that anxiety of the unknown before a trip. Once I leave the garage, I settle down but the night before the trip is pretty much sleepless ;-/

  2. Damn, I gotta readmoregere, you’re a terrific writer! You’ve shared discovered “unknowns” so many times I’m sure the next will be good one.

  3. Whenever we set out on the road (usually for extended trips of at least 3000 miles or so) we split our trip between places we’ve visited before and want to re-visit and new places. This way if a new place isn’t the greatest, we have the comfort and familiarity of the old places… Seems to work out for us. Love the donut!

  4. Yup. I’m constantly surprised how often weird, unexpected stuff happens to me when I venture out into the world. Like getting passed by a hearse doing 90mph. All the more reason to get off the couch.

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