Come on already, spring!

You really know that you’ve really just about had it with cabin fever when dropping a bike off for service constitutes a ‘wow, that felt great’ ride.

Come on already, spring! Sheesh. I guess i shouldn’t really complain. It was mid 50s today. After work, we headed out for a quick spin on the bikes before dinner. Man, i swear as soon as that sun starts to go down, the temp sure drops fast. We toodled around in the sandy backroads at dusk.

The 996 let’s you know that it doesn’t want to play nice in the lowspeed stuff in a hurry. Sensitive throttle, torquey torque, 40 degrees and a sandy, twisting road will remind you how fast you get rusty over the winter. Comparitively speaking, the Triple is just so easy to ride. I am repeatedly amazed at how confidence inspiring it is. The 996 feels like it would just chew you up and spit you out.

The 996 – she’s still absolutely gorgeous in my eyes. As Kenny pulled up next to me on her, I just couldn’t help but feel happy just looking at her. A classic beauty. Apparently Kenny agrees. He tried to hump my bike. WTF, man? ‘You a veddy bed man, Jeddy!’


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