Void Rally 7: Today is Bonus List Day!

Void Rally 7: Today is Bonus List Day!

Void Rally Rider 71Today is the day that the Rallymasters will be releasing the 24-hour riders’ bonus list.

After weeks of wondering and waiting, I will finally get to look at the list and can start to plan my rally route. A lot of of nail biting and wondering comes down to tonight.

At the beginning of a rally every rider will get a list of Bonus Locations.   This list will include point values, bonus requirements, directions/address, what the rider is actually looking for (a statue, plaque, business, etc) and what time it is available.  Rallymasters may include a brief story of significance of the Bonus Location.  Your job is to construct a route that gets from the start location to the endpoint, within the allotted time while attaining as many points as possible.  A rider must also allow time for sleep, fuel, meals, traffic, twisty roads, etc.

The logo of this years rally shows: √49  for Void Rally 7. I wonder how that will relate to the bonus list theme? Square root/route? Math-related bonii? I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

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4 Replies to “Void Rally 7: Today is Bonus List Day!”

    1. Since I’m not riding to win, i don’t think that is possible, I am picking bonuses off of the list that I want to see while still trying to plan an efficient route that won’t have me DNF-ing.

      You’d love some of the bonuses!

    1. I’m not clear about whether or not I can share anything that is on the list, so I’m gonna err on the side of caution.

      But i will say… one of them is so right up my alley! :::runs away excited:::

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