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Finding Art on the Royal Enfield

While on a jaunt aboard the Royal Enfield, I stopped off to get a better look at some graffiti that I’ve been ‘meaning to stop at’ for at least a year. Just think about all of...


An Unexpected Side Effect of Riding a Ural

While I was out poking around on the Ural Sunday morning, I realized that when people would see me coming down the road – they’d often smile. I picked up on it many times....


Sights from the Road: The Worst Graffiti Ever

Sometimes your travels will take you past picturesque settings of mountain ranges echoed in the glass like reflection of a lake at its feet while other times you find the beauty of something fragile in a more urban setting like a lone flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk.

In Art There is Truth 1

In Art There is Truth

I though that this was an interesting piece of graffiti that we saw while out for a ride two nights ago. A person with a rattlecan or a bumpersticker has one shot at telling...