14 Replies to “The First Step Is Admitting You Have A Problem”

  1. Ha! I can’t imagine anyone could confuse the two! *whistling*

    I recently began a tentative re-entry into mountain biking. First ride out I tried to blip-downshift on a steep downhill to set-up for the sharp turn at the bottom. Applying the “clutch” caused some momentary excitement, but only a minor amount of blood-letting, and it did provide a teachable moment for my son trailing behind me, who I was showing how to ride a MTB “properly”.

  2. Funny post.

    At some point, it comes to us all. First you can’t work out whats wrong, then you feel stupid, then you have to laugh at yourself. This is often followed by wanting to share it with other people, and not wanting to at the same time.

  3. When I’m walking on a sidewalk, I turn my head to check who’s beside me when I plan to “shift lanes” and move sideways, exactly the way I do on a bike. And I accelerate in front of slowpokes as if I’m twisting a throttle.

  4. having a 1962 enfield with break-pedel on the right and a 1972 yamaha R5 with the break-pedel on the left makes gearing and breaking always an exciting moment when I swap bikes.

  5. Enough with the bike pictures, this long time lurker demands to see the garage which houses all these toys! As a shed using motorhead i am truly jealous of those with room for so many cool bikes.

      1. I’ve seen it.

        The floor is made of marshmallows, and there are unicorns as porters, to take your gear when you arrive.
        Golden meadows separate each motorcycle, with butterflies passing by, playing power ballads on their tiny guitars.

        True story.

  6. Yep, been there, done that. I’ve tried everything from turning on my ‘imaginary’ turn signal to trying to lean to turn on my bicycle to rolling on my throttle to go faster (instead of peddling faster…doh!). Then, there’s the looking to see if I can split lanes while driving. Motorcycle on the brain for sure!

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