Making Friends: File Under Kawasaki

Making Friends: File Under Kawasaki

When I am out riding my motorcycle I must have the kind of face that says, “Please talk to me!”

On Sunday while I was standing outside next to my Tiger drinking juice in a rest stop, a man walked over to talk to say Hi.

“Wow, nice bike. Looks really good.”

I proudly smiled big and said, “Thanks very much!”

“Yeah, alright. Looks like a Concours by Kawasaki. Do you know what that is?”

Survey Says…

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Ooooh. That’s too bad. Thanks for playing, mister. 

If he knew the bike model “Kawasaki Concours” enough to throw it around in conversation, I’m a little surprised that he’d see the Tiger 1050 and the Connie to be of the same ilk.

I suppose that if by “looks like a Concours” he meant that they both have wheels, a seat and a windscreen, then I guess I can see it.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Kawasaki Concourse Triumph Tiger 1050

I can only imagine that most people don’t know what to say to start a conversation blindly. The awkwardness is often compounded when they want to let the rider know that they too might know something about bikes. “Nice bike,” is pretty all purpose and a good opener. Don’t stray far from there if you aren’t confident with the subject!

I wonder if he got back in his car mumbling, “A Concours? What the hell was I thinking?” 🙂

16 Replies to “Making Friends: File Under Kawasaki”

  1. Wow, not even close I’d say. Maybe he’s one of those guys thats brain shuts off when he talks to women, or people in general…haha. I’m not much for a walk up to somebody and talk person, but I don’t mind people striking up conversations with me. Happens in my Jeep all the time, I draw a little attention around here with my Big Black Beast!

    1. I don’t mind talking with people either, when they’re just… regular. I meet all sorts of nice people who don’t make it to the blog because they’re just that. It’s the goofy ones that get the special features.

      I guess they do keep me laughing, so there’s that.

  2. Hmmm … not really even close!

    Before I rode I couldn’t tell a dirt bike from a road bike from anything else. The extent of my knowledge … street bikes have lights. Probably good that I stuck with nice bike. In fact I still use that one. 🙂

    Always thought it was funny though, when someone called my Suzuki cruiser a Harley. Face it, if they were really a Harley person they would never mistake a Suzuki for one.

    1. Yea, I’m with you – if i don’t know the particulars, Nice bike works for me.

      He must’ve known something about bikes to pull out the name Concours(without an ‘e’).

  3. Seems that only those that are in the know, realize Triumph was revitalized by Jon Bloor in 1995.. Everybody seems to think that when it went away in the 1980’s that it went away for good…. I am happy to say they are alive and Kickin’ Ass if I don’t say so…. I got a Girlie Tiger, Jet Black….Most of the time it’s covered in whatever the local dust is…

    So three cheers and raise a pint… ‘Cuz British Bikes Rock…. Just come to CVO sometime…

  4. Cue facepalm.

    “Do you know what it is?” That in itself is kind of an insult.

    Not sure why people feel the need to talk to us when resting by our bikes. I think you need a license plate that says “go away”

    1. You’re probably right 🙂 He probably just got flustered by my ravishing beauty. OR… not. 😆 Most likely not 😛 But it felt good to type it!

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