Snapshot: Southern Trip Souvenirs

Road Souvenirs

Aside from the memories and photos that I take home from any trip, along the way I pick up postcards, brochures, stickers and name-specific “junk” and shove it in my bag as I go.

My friend Ally recently asked her blog readers if they were sentimental about objects. And I guess you could put a tick in the Yes column for me. These little bits of paper bring a smile to my face every time that I pull them out and get to remember that time when…

This is what I found in was in my Macbook sleeve:

Fisherman’s Grotto – San Francisco
Grandfather Mountain (4)
Mount Mitchell
The Shoe House
Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum

The Snake 421
BRP Oval
Grandfather Mountain (2)
BRP Stunt Motorcyclist
Mount Mitchell

Hotel Tomo – San Francisco
Comfort Inn — Franklin, NC
Mount Mitchell
Sleep Inn Free Rubber Duck note – Waynesboro, Va.
Grandfather Mountain
Helne, Ga.

Hotel Room Key from somewhere in California
Hotel Pad – Sleep Inn
Shoe House Magnet
Hotel Pad – Best Western
Printed Map of Blowing Rock, NC.

How About You?

Are you a sentimental packrat?


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6 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes and no. When it comes to traveling, especially when said travel involves a national park, the answer would be a resounding YES. I try to buy a “Story Behind the Scenery” book at every park I visit. I always save the brochures they give you when entering a park, too. And I LOVE the gift shops and bookstores within the parks. Not only do I like kitschy stuff in general, shopping there helps the park. I tend to buy far too many postcards, which often go unmailed. They usually have cool books, too. At other places, I do buy little stickers and postcards (I have a postcard addiction, I think). And I will pick up travel brochures, too. But that’s about it. 🙂

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I have a mountain of unsent postcards too. I actually have a postcard album someone gave me for Christmas. They always have the most “perfect” photos of a place on them so I find them hard to resist.

      Shit, I forgot magnets. I buy those, too.

      And those squishy pennies. Chloe gets those or if she isn’t with me, i get one for her.

  2. RichardM says:

    I really enjoy looking through the gift shops within parks and attractions but generally come out empty handed. The only paper I have in my bags are receipts…

  3. Connie says:

    guilty… I am a collector stuffer, LOL.

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