Beware – It’s The Devils Road!

Beware – It’s The Devils Road!

I finally spotted one of the 666 routes. This one was in Virginia:

Virginia Route 666

I have this other photo of the route sign that I wasn’t originally going to post. I kinda sorta realized that the way I shot the pic makes it look like it’s pointing at Kenny like Kenny is devil. But then I realized if I only told you about the pic it wouldn’t be the same. So…
Sorry, babe!

Virginia Route 666

I moseyed on over to The Google Maps to find VA Route 666. Imagine my surprise when I found nothing more than a stick and an arrow. The 666 sign is not visible.

View Larger Map

Maybe it was a ghost sign? You know, like one of those phantom hitchhikers found in scary stories? The sign only appears to lure in curious travelers. But when the nosey Roseys get too close to it someone lunks ’em on the head with a rolling pin and evil flying monkeys swoop in to carry them away to the Netherworld.

Flying monkeys are always bad news.

According to the all-knowing-ish Wikipedia, there are a few states (and countries) that have routes with the number of the beast like ~ Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. I’m sure there are others. Does your state have one?

Some Other Devil Roads:

12 Replies to “Beware – It’s The Devils Road!”

  1. New Jersey has one in the south. It’s probably gone, people steal them all the time.

    By the way, I HATE the captcha crap, I always have to try again 🙁

  2. It reminds me of buildings that don’t have a 13th floor numbered. They have a 13th floor they just don’t acknowledge that it. They number 11, 12, 14, 15 – Weird.

  3. The RT 666 in Western PA is a sweet ride (though not a very long one). I made the mistake of not planning my trip very well a few years ago and had to do most of it in the dark 🙂

    1. I guess you’ll just have to go back!

      I’ve read about pa 666 on several sights that note it as one of PAs great moto roads. I never seem to find myself in that part of PA. I’ll have to make a mental note and try to get out there.

  4. Eerie…

    Ohio has one, though it’s a “fur piece” from my area.

    This reminds me, I called the other day to check my bank balance and it was $6.66!

    I freaked out and went down to the dairy bar for an ice cream cone just to wipe out that balance! (any excuse for ice cream!)

  5. I never thought about VA having Devil roads, but it makes sense. The numbering system here is something I am slowly getting used to. Roads that are named on maps are rarely named with signs, just numbers. Knowing that helps with planning. No knowing that makes for one confusing, back-tracking ride.

  6. PA Rt666 is a nice way to get to Drake’s Well from 6 and I know you have been ACHING to visit it. Be sure to stop by Pithole City while you are there 😀

  7. Pa triple six is a nice motorcycle road – provided you have decent suspension. It was distinctly pot-holey and gravellicious last time I was back home.

    I’ll try and find a pic of the sign for you

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