The Best of Youtube: Moto Training

The Best of Youtube: Moto Training

Every once in a while a video comes along the interweb super-duper-highway of all things, that just stays with you. It finds a nice, cozy, little place to park in the deep and cobwebby corners of your subconscious.

Since I first saw this beautiful, little gem of motorcycling about 2 years ago, it has stayed with me. It is only right that I impart this knowledge on to you. I give you.. mototraining. Enjoy.

7 Replies to “The Best of Youtube: Moto Training”

  1. I really do have a sense of humor…but thats got to be the most stupid thing i have ever seen! Pretty typical of the whole You Tube generation. What ever happened to that thing folks used to have called self respect? errrrrrrr.

  2. LOL! That made me laugh!!! Could be the gin & tonic, could be the thongs, could be the fact that it reminded me of something Cheech & Chong may have done had they had access to a couple of dirt bikes…On second thoughts – it’s the gin!!! **HIC** :oP

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