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GoPro Accidental Photos: The Redwoods

GoPro Accidental Photos: The Redwoods

While in California, Kenny and I spent a lot of time with out GoPro cameras set to photo mode. We varied the photo shooting time between 1 and 3 second intervals. Overall, I found that I much prefer having a lot of photos to sift through, rather than hours of yawn-worthy video.

What I also discovered is that invariably there will be some gems that get taken “by accident”. They seem to pop up often when you forget to turn the camera off while stopped somewhere.

While looking through our GoPro photos I found this photo that was taken in the Humboldt Redwoods:
Fuzzy in the Humboldt Redwoods

If you click to enlarge it, you’ll see that I am in the lower right corner taking a photo with my camera. It gives you some idea of what it’s like to be amongst those big beautiful trees. Pretty cool, huh?

How About You?

Do you ever use your GoPro in photo mode?

I Think I May Have Opened Pandora’s Box

I Think I May Have Opened Pandora’s Box

A picture taken by me of me taking a picture. My apologies if the Universe explodes somewhere around lunchtime.

Me taking a picture of me taking a picture
When in doubt, pinky out!

During our trip to California, I found that I prefer to set the GoPro to picture mode rather than video mode. The picture quality is much better than pulling video stills and it is easier to pinpoint just the frames you want to keep and dump the rest.

I also found that there were some silly candid shots that get taken when you forget to stop the GoPro from shooting. I may have to save those for their own post like Is This Thing On? 🙂

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