California Love: Seaside Sandwiches in Big Sur

California Love: Seaside Sandwiches in Big Sur

Do you think it would be possible to tire of looking at the Pacific Ocean from the seat of your motorcycle? I had plenty of time Β to ponder that question as we headed south on the PCH. My best guess was ‘no’.

Heading down the PCH

This was our second time riding down the coast from San Francisco. I was happy to find that seeing the blue water crash against the craggy rocks was just as exciting as it had been the first time we made the trek.

All through our 200 mile coastal leg, we rode in and out of silvery fog back into bright blue skies. The air hung cooly, sending a chill across the knuckles of my summer gloves. It was a stark contrast from the blazing heat we’d come down out of at the Lick Observatory.

This day was a little extra special. It was Kenny’s birthday. Though I know he means it when he says he doesn’t want or need anything for his birthday, I always find it hard to really adhere to. Thankfully part of me took great pleasure in knowing that he was spending his day doing something that he loves, in a place that is dear to his heart.

Lucia Lodge Big Sur

I guess you could say that we celebrated the day with a special lunch. We stopped off at the store atΒ Lucia Lodge in Big Sur and each got a ham and cheese croissant. They were found in the freezer cases and came in very unglamorous plastic containers. We heated them up in the well-worn microwave whose digital display numbers were no longer visible.Β I didn’t have really high hopes, but we were both quite hungry.

Eating lunch at lucia lodge big sur

We took our lunch out back onto the deck and ate overlooking the water. There we were, just the two of us and the sound of rolling waves below. As it turned out, the sandwiches were delicious.

Now, I don’t know if they were really good in the own right or if they were sprinkled with magical sunshine dust that is only found on Highway 1, or if the birthday fairy came along and made a perfect moment for us. Whatever the case may have been, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

There is something really special about riding the Pacific Coast Highway. If you haven’t done it yet, you owe it to yourself. There are perfect moments just waiting to be had.

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16 Replies to “California Love: Seaside Sandwiches in Big Sur”

  1. I’d rather a microwaved sandwich with Lucia Lodge’s view than a month’s worth of fancy dinners at The Four Seasons πŸ™‚

    Wishing Kenny a Happy Birthday — and 364 days in between that are just as great.

  2. Fuzzy:

    Your first photo brings back memories of our trip to Big Sur during June, 2011. Not long ago but now a distant memory. We stopped at that same pullout and snapped a few photos but it was foggy the day we were there

    looks like you are having great weather

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I think the sandwiches tasted good because of where you were and that you were enjoying yourselves. I have driven down the Oregon Coast towards California and it was breathtaking. It wasn’t on a motorcycle though, but it is on my list to do in the near future now.

  4. I’m a pretty simple guy – no fufu meals with tiny portions and exotic names, filled with special ingredients from some faraway place. Gimme a ham and cheese on a croissant made with love, serve it from some hideaway place on the side of the road, and deliver it with a picturesque setting on the coast with my sweet at my side and I’m far happier than I’d ever be in some hoitey toitey pretentious dump. Those moments I will remember far longer than some sorry-assed foie gras crap served by a tuxedo-covered douchebag.

    That place was great – the sandwich was great – the company was perfection – and who cares about some arbitrary day that happened to be the day I was born, but 180 years later.

    1. I love Kenny, too. Not like Fuzzy, but just because he’s cool. He leaves great comments like this one. AND he used one of my favorite words… “douchebag”!

  5. Happy Birthday to Kenny! I couldn’t think of a better way to spend someones birthday then riding out there. I agree with what he is saying too about fancy meals, i’ll take a good cheesburger and some fries with friends in a cool area any day.

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