Autumn Motorcycle Riding on Long Island

Autumn Motorcycle Riding on Long Island

This time of year is always bittersweet for me. While I much prefer riding in the cooler weather than in the heat, I never look forward to the approaching long, dark days of winter.

Autumn here in the northeast is picturesque. The changing of the leaves always looks so beautiful but there’s such a short window of time to enjoy their amber, gold and red. Being out amongst the beautiful scenery makes the fall one of my favorite times to ride.

How about you? What’s your favorite season for riding?

DRZ in the autumn leaves on Long Island

10 Replies to “Autumn Motorcycle Riding on Long Island”

  1. I like Fall, too, because it’s the last gasp of decent weather before winter sets in. Fall is still comfortable and the colorful leaves are pretty.

    You have to be careful, though; on wet leaves, I once had my bike slip out from under me before I knew what happened.

  2. We tend to ride all year round, albeit shorter distances in winter. Every season has its good and bad points, so not deciding which season is the best I would say that springtime is the most cautious period for us.

    1. Good points Biker Ted 🙂 Each season definitely has it’s strong points though winter might be a little more difficult to see what they are on the surface. I too enjoy riding year round.

  3. Autumn Bike Riding is always fun with all colorful leaves everywhere. Wow. Nice post n love your blogpost pic very much.

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