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Winter Not-Riding on Long Island

Winter Not-Riding on Long Island

Greetings from the iceberg Long Island.

When I got up yesterday morning the snow was at it again. We saw a few more inches fall before lunch hour. By the time afternoon rolled around, the sun muscled its way into the sky and began to melt away some of the morning powder.

fuzzygalore snowy DRZ Winter days of yore on the DRZ

As I walked the dog around the neighborhood under a winter blue sky, I felt an innate awareness that we’re getting closer to this snow cycle being over. That cheered me up a bit. Soon we’ll start to see the crocuses and daffodils pop up. That is – once this mountain of standing snow we have everywhere melts. It’s like the flippin’ tundra around here.

Some winters, I have been able to cheerfully shrug off the weather and just roll with the punches. I would take my motorcycle out and just bum around even if it was just for a few minutes. I would savor a quick blast around town to stretch my legs and get a rush.

This year? Haven’t even considered it.

Is this it? Am I getting old?

This Ain’t Your Mama’s DRZ – Roman Levin’s Suzuki DRZ Cafe Racer

This Ain’t Your Mama’s DRZ – Roman Levin’s Suzuki DRZ Cafe Racer

This is Roman Levin’s Suzuki DRZ Cafe. You can find more of his work at Full of Hate Cycle Fabrication.
Roman Levin DRZ Cafe Racer Full of Hate

Your thoughts?

Roman Levin DRZ Cafe Racer Full of Hate

I was busy looking at something else when Kenny came sauntering up behind me and said, “Rach, come look at this. Don’t look at the card. Tell me what you think it is.”

“A DRZ?”

Of course, Kenny was amazed at my knowledge. But the truth is, I just looked at the single and the first thing that popped into my head was – why  would he ask me to guess? Because it would be something relevant to my world. And that is the only thumper in my world.

Don’t worry. I’m not getting all smart on you guys 😉

Taking the Whole “Stick in the Mud” Thing Too Far

Taking the Whole “Stick in the Mud” Thing Too Far

Yeah, yeah. So I may have gotten my bike slightly stuck in a mud hole on Saturday during the Hammer Run in Jersey.

The trails were dry with a few small spots of water scattered throughout. But, when 500 guys have already been through the soup before you it can get pretty nasty.

Muddy DRZ at the Hammer Run
After my bike got pryed loose

This particular mud hole was thick and goopy. I rode in and only made it halfway across before my momentum slowed and I began to sink in. I got off the bike to try to start working it out and my boots got stuck because the slime created immediate suction. Thankfully Kenny and someone else on the trail helped to pry my bike loose and get me going forward again.

I sprayed muddy pinwheels into Kenny’s face as a reward for his patient help. His skin looks absolutely fabulous this morning. You’re welcome, dear.

Dual sport rides are really a great exercise in problem solving, patience and camaraderie. There are always people willing to give you a hand (and laugh with you when you do something stupid).

Oh, and – apparently my bike liked the mud. See? My tailbag is smiling:

My smiling tail bag

Puddle Jumping After Hurricane Irene

Puddle Jumping After Hurricane Irene

Hey, did you hear? The east coast experienced apocalyptic Armageddon this week. Earthquake, hurricane Irene, flood, pestilence – you know, typical mushroom-cloud layin’ MFer stuff.

As the winds and rain of the hurricane decided to mosey their way north off of Long Island to New England, we saw a quick return to normalcy. Mostly.

Chloe was busy doing stuff with her dad, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go take a look around and see what the state of our world was.

I first ventured around our immediate neighborhood on my bicycle. There was something eery about the silence. No planes, no cars, no birds – just the occasional rustling of the leaves overhead.

Electra Black Betty bicycle

After my loop around the neighborhood, I figured things would be okay for me to head out on the DRZ. Incidentally, it will be my escape vehicle of choice in the event of a large scale zombie attack.

There were lots of branches down, not as many trees down as I expected (thank goodness) and some flooding along the low laying shore areas.


I made a new friend whom I decided to call Swanson.  He (she?) was just hanging around in the middle of the road directing traffic. I stood  next to him (and the No Standing sign) for a couple minutes. He just stayed there looking back at me like, “what up, girlfriend?” I feel like we had a moment. But it could just be that I was loopy from being in the house all day.

For you fashionistas who are going to call me out for wearing cheetah and plaid… whatevs. My other white jersey was in the laundry 🙂

There were some really fun puddles to play in:

Puddle along the sound

We had a good time monkeying around on our bikes in the water like a bunch of school kids. Somewhere there is video of me sending a nice 8-foot spray in my wake cruising through there.

So, all in all – I’m thankful to say that we weathered the storm just fine.

How About You?

Were you affected by the storm?

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