Checking In At The Old Field Point Lighthouse

Checking In At The Old Field Point Lighthouse

Aside from riding around in a Gumby suit, I was busy nerding it up in other ways on Sunday.  I was messing around with Foursquare trying to see if I could unlock the Great Outdoors badge during my ride.

I rode down Old Field Road to it’s very tip to see if the lighthouse would be listed as a park. As it turns out, it wasn’t. As a matter of fact it wasn’t listed in Foursquare at all. I was the first person to check-in at the great, old lighthouse.

Old Field Point Lighthouse

This granite beauty was finished in 1868. Though it is no longer active as a lighthouse, it still has a purpose. Since 1963 it has served as the Old Field village hall.

Old Field Lighthouse Buoys on the fence at the Old Field Lighthouse Looking across Long Island Sound from Old Field

Kenny’s dad is a pilot. A few weeks ago, he took us flying around the Island and we spotted the Old Field Lighthouse from the air:

Old Field Point Lighthouse from the air

I never did get my Great Outdoors badge on 4Sq but I did enjoy my ride and the beautiful fall weather.

Interested in Lighthouses? According to this site, Long Island is home to 19 of them. So, far I’ve only visited or seen a few:

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