A Case for Motorcycle Commuting

A Case for Motorcycle Commuting

Dreaming about taking the long way home Lately I haven’t been doing much pleasure riding. Like other people with full time jobs, with children and families there are seemingly weeks and weeks that go by where the majority of your time is not your own. After all of the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed what you’re left with are a few ticks on the clock in the dark hours of the day.

Enter the case for motorcycle commuting.

Yes, some people commute on their motorcycle for fuel savings. Some people commute for ease of parking, for being able to filter through traffic, to take up less space than a car. Sometimes though… sometimes you just have to commute to escape.

Every time I look out of the office window and see my motorcycle parked amongst seas of cars, I enjoy a little twinge of pleasure. A secret smile comes across my face as I think just a few more hours and I get to ride home. And if I can squeeze in the time, maybe I’ll take the long way.

These busy times are when something is better than nothing.

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  1. “….just a few more hours and I get to ride home. And if I can squeeze in the time, maybe I’ll take the long way……”

    Amen Sister!!!

  2. I think about what vehicle I’ll take about as much as I think about what shoes I’ll wear. If it’s a casual day, I’ll wear the brown ones. If I’m going anywhere alone, I take the motorcycle. If I’m walking through snow, I’ll wear boots. If traveling on ice, I’ll take the car. When building my deck, I’ll wear work boots. When I go to Home Depot for lumber, it’s the truck. If the groceries will fit in panniers, it’s the motorcycle.

    A motorcycle is my means of transportation when it’s just me.

  3. That is one of the FEW reasons I miss commuting to work. I always tell folks working from home has its pluses and minuses. “Busy” seems to be an epidemic right now. So much to do and so little time to do it. Plus, the older I get, the faster the days fly by! Sigh…

    I’m glad you found time to fit some posts in, though. I missed you. 🙂

  4. You’ve very likely seen my comments regarding commuting and not considering it “real” riding. However, you bring up a valid point: ESCAPISM!

    The commute I did for many years, got the adrenaline flowing in the morning and allowed me to de-stress on the way home. Monday through Friday, it was a wonderful experience and escaping my professional responsibilities was as easy as laying into one of the many fast turns I had to choose from! (Aside from a few speeding tickets and several “pavement surfing” excursions) I looked forward to my “commute” every workday! 🙂

    My commute: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/1075465

  5. Preach, sister!

    Two years ago I experimented with living without a car. People told me I was crazy. But it was sooo enjoyable and now I’m hooked.

    Every ride is fun. Even my 15-minute commute to the office is a blast ’cause I have a secret path through twisties which I could do with my eyes closed.

    Riding more is always better.

  6. How long is your commute Fuzzy?

    Mine is only 3 miles through city streets. One short stretch of 45 mph followed by 2.5 miles of 25 and 30 mph skirting the OSU campus. As much as I’d like to be riding more often I just can’t justify gearing up for riding that gauntlet everyday.

    I am glad you are commuting though. Riding works the bugs out of the day.

  7. I ride to work all year here in the desert. I just feel better when I do. As I tell people who ask about it, I get to work in a better mood, and I get home in a better mood.

  8. I ride to work every chance I get. My commute is mostly a drudge…a 25 mile slog each way through rush hour traffic. I can do it behind the wheel of my cage, half asleep, coffee cup by my side, meandering along with all the other citizens. Or I can don my gear, throw a leg over my ‘Strom, and weave my way through the sheep in their soul-less Toyotas with my adrenaline pulsing and all my senses firing and arrive at work feeling awake, alive, and engaged in the day. I’ll take the latter every time.

    Usually if I have to visit a client and wear a suit and tie I won’t ride. But a few weeks ago I saw a compadre cruising along 476 on his Electraglide with suit pants and wing tips, tie hanging from his back pocket, leather jacket thrown over his suit coat. I’m inspired. Next time its a riding day and I have a client meeting, I’m going to give it a try and put my Olympia riding gear over my suit. I’ll let you know how it works out!

  9. I can only assume this post was inspired by my tweet last week!

    I didn’t take rain pants to work with me yesterday and it was pouring on my way home. I laughed the whole way, it was great. Soggy, though.

  10. Well said! I’m waiting for the weather to warm up enough to ride in the morning since I don’t have the gear for it! Soon and very soon.

  11. For a long time I had no car (or even a car licence) so bikes were my only form of transport. But then I bought my first house and I had to get a car just for the practicality – sometimes you need to move stuff that just won’t fit on the bike.

    Now I really enjoy my morning commute to work and particularly my evening commute home on the DL. My commute is only about 8km and the bike never gets outta 3rd gear but the ride is always a positive, de-stressing experience that can put the smile back on my dial.

    If you have to go to work (yeah, I have to) then riding the bike always beats taking the car!

  12. I have been moto commuting for the last year and it has been great and sometimes challenging. I wouldn’t get out on my bike everyday if I didn’t commute. It makes it so much more interesting and enjoyable. Just wait your kiddo will be older soon enough and you will get more time. Its amazing how fast the kiddos become independent.

  13. I commuted daily, 350 days a year in NY, for 20 years. People always wondered why I was in a good mood when I arrived at work while they were soaked in sweat from a hot summer subway ride. Simple answer. My sweat was the result of getting to play on the way to work. And after a sh*tty day I got to play on the way home.

  14. I went on a motorcycle vacation at the beginning of March. When I returned, my car battery was dead. That prompted me to see how long I could continue with just my motorcycle.

    It lasted for more than a month, until I had to fly for business and it was much more practical to park my car at the airport and not have to think about gear, etc.

    Not bad, considering I live in Ontario. Should be able to break that record now!

  15. +1000! While riding gives me much more ambition to get up and head to work, it does make it harder to remain at work. :^) Plus, I like to believe we’re all doing a bit of social good by riding to work: burning less fuel, polluting less, taking up less space, etc.

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