Suzuki DRZ 400: The Fedex Man Cometh

Suzuki DRZ 400: The Fedex Man Cometh

The Fedex man is always much more sexy to me when he comes with a box full of motorcycle parts. Or shoes. Yesterday morning he came sauntering in to the office real smooth-like and dropped off a mystery box for me. It turned out to be some bits for the DRZ.

What’s Was in the Box?

  • Unabiker Radiator Guards
  • Bark Busters
  • Skid Plate
  • Case Covers
Thumper Talk Case Covers DRZ 400 DRZ 400 Skid Plate

I’m a lucky girl!

It’s almost like I have a motorcycle faerie. I didn’t actually order anything for the bike myself. The DRZ just showed up for my birthday and now this. If I knew what I did to deserve all this, I would’ve started doing it a long time ago!

Even though I am a nail-biting poser at this time, I’ll be ready to get out there and try some dualsport riding again soon! …I think.

Suzuki DRZ 400 Dualsport Motorcycle Long Island

7 Replies to “Suzuki DRZ 400: The Fedex Man Cometh”

  1. Garage Night is DRZ territory – a few of the guys and girls have got them. Good bikes, if a little heavy for their category. That said, Etienne stuck to my arse on his DRZ in the twisties of the Pyrenees!

  2. Fed Ex man Rocks ! UPS man is Santa Clause. They really should change their uniforms from brown to Red with white trim.

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