Wishful Thinking: The Sign Post Forest – Watson Lake, Yukon

Wishful Thinking: The Sign Post Forest – Watson Lake, Yukon

The world famous Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon is one of the things I have scribbled down on my life’s To Do List. One day I hope to stop on Alaska Highway’s mile 613 and spend a little time looking at all of the signs left by other travelers.

Watson Lake Yukon Signpost ForestPhoto Credit: Saunamamo on Flickr

I have this dreamy idea of what it must be like to stroll amongst the signs, imagining all of the people who had been there before and left something behind. In my fantasy though, everyone is a motorcyclist covered in road dirt, bugs and wearing a happy but windburned face.

What sign would you put up?

I feel like it would have to be something personally meaningful to me; something that would be like leaving a little piece of myself behind. Looks like I’ll have plenty of time to ruminate on that.

6 Replies to “Wishful Thinking: The Sign Post Forest – Watson Lake, Yukon”

  1. Soth, I’d call that a sign. I was just thinking I’d be really original and leave a “ToadMama was here” sign. I’ll guess I’ll have to ponder that one a while. I never knew there was such a place. Thanks for the knowledge, Fuzzy!

  2. You should join my Share the Road Conga – I am going to Beaver Creek Yukon to meet Buckshot Betty and visit the sign forest as well.

    I intend to leave a Belt Drive Betty rode here sign….
    Not to original but for sure personal!

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