A Mid-March Sunday Ride on the East End of Long Island

On Sunday morning I rolled out of the driveway heading out to meet up with some of the gang from ADVrider for a  street ride. This was the first time in many weeks that I took the Speed Triple out. I’d been riding the DRZ for the last few weeks.

I love my Speed Triple immensely and actually missed riding her quite a bit. I was looking forward to getting it out for a shakedown. The first thing that I noticed was how heavy the bike felt to roll around in the driveway. For the first time, the always nimble Triple felt a little porky.  As I saddled up and got ready to head out, the seat felt so wide and comfortable! Helllllooo, old friend! It is really quite amazing how quickly your perception of  the size and weight of a motorcycle can change.

After meeting up with the last of the guys at 10:30 and a few minutes of tire kicking, we set off. We were a motley crew: 1 Triumph, 1 Ducati, 1 Husqvarna, 2 Kawasakis, 1 KTM and 1 Harley Davidson. Quite a mixed bag of marques but they all played nice together as we snaked our way through sandy lanes. We weaved our way around the east end of Long Island and finally stopped for lunch at the fabulously olde tymey Cornonet Cafe in Greenport. Friends, food and motorcycles. Does it get any better?

Coronet Cafe Greenport New York

We hopped the ferry to Shelter Island and took in some of the sights. As I cruised along I saw about 100 places I would like to stop and take photos of one day. The sculptor John Chamberlain had a studio on Shelter Island. I’d love to find out that he’s still creating work there. One more thing to add to the To-Do List: Go back to explore.

Shelter Island Ferry Bikes

Shelter Island Ferry Greenport - F'n Hal! Greenport Motorcycle Parking by Claudios Greenport New York Fishing Boat

I really like riding with everyone I’ve met on ADV. There is a really cool, laid back vibe that I appreciate. Each person brings unique and interesting knowledge to the table. Love that. Looking forward to the next time…


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16 Responses

  1. Stacy says:

    Looks like a great ride, and good weather too!

  2. wendy says:

    Great photos …. and what a fun day!

    I particularly love the vivid colors in the fishing boat shot!

  3. FuzzyGalore says:

    A Mid-March Sunday Ride on the East End of Long Island http://goo.gl/fb/42FJ

  4. FuzzyGalore: A Mid-March Sunday Ride on the East End of Long Island: http://bit.ly/91VuVB

  5. novos says:

    Ah, the Coronet… I wish the cheese shop had been open when we stopped there 🙂

  6. Cadillac Jack says:

    Great shots, looks like alot of fun had that day! The fever of getting another bike is spreading, I’m pretty sure I got it, bought another bike 2 weeks ago!

    I like the diversity of the bikes on the ride too! Sounds like my crew as well, lets see there’s 3 Suzukis’, 1 Honda, 1 Yamaha, 1 Kawasaki, 1 Triumph, and 1 BMW. We’re taking applications for Duc and Harley riders, lol!

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      Heya Jack!
      I guess we’re all part of the the united nations of motorcycling 😀

      Well, don’t be stingy with the deets – what did you get? Photos online?

  7. Cadillac Jack says:

    Much obliged!

    Yes, it’s the Icon (know how you love their gear) Day of the Dead helmet.
    It’s loud, and makes you crazy if you look at it to long! Also, has meaning though.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I love Day of the Dead imagery 🙂

      I think that is a great looking helmet.
      It’s true, icon isn’t my fave, but.. there is room for everyone to like what they like, right? Truth be told – I’m just glad to see people wearing all their gear, regardless of brand.

  8. GLantern says:

    Looks like fun i should come out with the ADV crew this year.

  9. Nothing better than bikes on a ferry ride!

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