7 Replies to “Gotta Clear Off the Important Stuff First”

  1. Just finished almost 4 hours of snowblowing here in New Hampshire. We got about 2ft of snow and some cool drifts from the high winds. Had to make a path out back to the chicken coop, and around the other side of the house for oil and propane delivery. A quick bite to eat, and then back outside to play on my 4wd utility(sic) quad!

      1. In years past, I’ve snowblowed an oval track around the back yard, and then towed the grandkids around behind a dirt bike or quad. Not sure who was having more fun! Then the grownups(older kids?) would get on whatever 2, 3, or 4 wheeler they could fold themselves up onto, and the racing would begin. Good times…

    1. We got nearly 3ft of snow. Now we’re experiencing some lovely freezing rain. By the time the sun goes down, everything should be frozen solid.

      I’m in a holding pattern 🙂

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