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Moto Photo: Triple Inside

I found this old Triple Inside patch while cleaning our the “junk” drawer in our kitchen this morning. I think the right thing to do would be to honor it’s seredipitous finding with a...


Moto Photo: Motorcycle Parking Only

Around Long Island, I don’t recall seeing Motorcycle Parking Only signs anywhere beside the lot in town of Port Jefferson. Is designated motorcycle parking common where you live?


My Speed Triple Is All Spiffed Up Once Again

This past weekend, my Triumph got it’s seasonal look-see. It’s got a new set of tires, new chain & sprockets, fluids are good – I’m officially ready to hit the road. I feel better,...


Motorcycle Tip: Don’t Try This One At Home!

This morning I walked down the driveway in the misting rain and Kenny said “be careful,” from the front door. As I rode away, I thought to myself that it isn’t something I hear...


Chick Bike

The Speed Triple could never be called a ‘pretty’ bike. With it’s naked, aggressive looks it comes off totally butch, totally masculine. That is of course until it’s sporting a fluffy pink unicorn.


My Humps

Its not too often someone actually catches a picture of me on my motorcycle. Last Sunday, Kenny & I hooked up with some of the nice folks over at Cycleforums for a ride. Snafu...