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#throwbackthursday : A Little Speed Triple Memory From 2007

#throwbackthursday : A Little Speed Triple Memory From 2007

At the time, this 2005 scorched yellow Triumph Speed Triple was my main squeeze, my do it all bike. Though it was a little tight on space, traveling on it wasn’t really that much of a hardship because it was all fun, all the time. Just look at that huge tankbag!

This was taken in New Hampshire on my way to Mount Washington.

Rest easy, old girl.

Moto Photo: Triple Inside

Moto Photo: Triple Inside

I found this old Triple Inside patch while cleaning our the “junk” drawer in our kitchen this morning.

Triple Inside Patch

I think the right thing to do would be to honor it’s seredipitous finding with a ride on the Speed Triple. Right?

My Speed Triple Is All Spiffed Up Once Again

My Speed Triple Is All Spiffed Up Once Again

This past weekend, my Triumph got it’s seasonal look-see. It’s got a new set of tires, new chain & sprockets, fluids are good – I’m officially ready to hit the road. I feel better, knowing that everything is in tip top shape. Not that I had any doubts. But, it had been sitting in the garage, un-loved for the better part of two months while the DRZ got all the wintertime action.

My 2005 Triumph Speed Triple

Kenny changing my tiresIn many ways, I don’t have the same relationship with the DRZ as I do with the Triple. For obvious reason, the DRZ taking a dirtnap is far less catastrophic than the Speed Triple doing it. So I guess I kind of ignored the Triumph throughout the sandy, slippery and salty winter.

There was also the matter of a pesky slow leak in the Triple’s squared-off, balding rear tire. I’m sure Kenny was only too happy to not have me come batting my eyelashes and asking him to change my tires until the garage warmed up a bit anyway.

Kenny is the unsung hero of my riding life. I keep telling myself that he likes working with his hands, but sometimes when the profanity cloud gets really thick over the garage I feel some serious pangs of guilt. It’s tough to know that he’s out there skinning his knuckles on my behalf.

All in all though, we are really a great team. I ride, he wrenches. Works for me! 😉

I’ve been riding the Triple for the last couple weekends and it has felt FANTASTIC. I really missed it.

How was your weekend?

Postcard: Greetings from Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Postcard: Greetings from Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Kawasaki ZX6R Triumph Speed Triple Chief Joseph Highway Wyoming

May 2005

Hi Everyone-

We spent the night at the Cody Motor Lodge in Cody, Wyoming where we saw on the news that the Beartooth Pass from Red Lodge, Montana had been closed because of mudslides. Unfortunately that was the way we were going to head in to Yellowstone. We took an alternate route going up and over the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. That’s where we snapped this picture.

While we were stopped, a lady pulled over and told us that the road ahead was covered in snow and ice. We decided that we could turn around if we needed to and kept going forward. I’m glad we did. It was only a snowy winter wonderland for a few miles. We emerged on the back side of the pass unscathed and pretty excited about what we’d just seen.

This was a day I’ll never forget.

This photo was taken in May of 2005 when Kenny and I rode from Long Island to Yellowstone National Park. It still stands as one of the most memorable trips of my life.

Do you have motorcycle trip “postcards” to share? Leave a link in the comments!