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Double Caboose Breakfast in Connecticut

Double Caboose Breakfast in Connecticut

For all my talk about planning and looking for things to visit while I’m stuck at my desk, it sure seems like I am able to stumble across a lot of great things just by simply riding around and keeping my eyes open.

Sunday was a bit on the chilly side. Of course that meant a perfect opportunity to torture Kenny by dragging him out to breakfast 150 miles away.

collins diner north canaan connecticut

The lovely Collin’s Diner in North Canaan, Connecticut is nestled between not 1 but 2, yes 2 cabooses (caboosii?).

I had no idea – it was just a lucky break.

yellow caboose north canaan

I’d call that a win, wouldn’t you? Delicious breakfast in the type of diner where the waitresses call you “hon” and 14 E2E static train points.

For whatever reason, the static train is one of my favorite categories in the Rally. I’m kind of surprised that I never really took note of just how many train cars are sitting idle before now.

red caboose north canaan

Along our route into Connecticut we passed many opportunities to collect points for the E2E Rally. But I just didn’t feel like stopping for them. I find it much more difficult to stop and monkey around on the side of the road when I’m traveling with someone.

Instead I filed some things away for ‘later’ when I have time to see them on my own. This of course goes against my resolution for the New Year. What can I say? I live on the edge. I’m a rule breaker.

Later today I may even run with scissors.

Getting to Know My Own Backyard

Getting to Know My Own Backyard

On Sunday morning I was out the door before the sun tiptoed over the horizon. I made my way over to the water in hopes of getting a good spot to watch it come creeping over the edge of the earth.

Early morning setauket harbor

Because I dilly-dallied along my route the sun sneaked up over the trees before I could get to where I was going. But, that was okay. I’ll catch it next time.

Ara from The Oasis of my Soul tweeted something the other day that resonated with me ~ Get to know your now backyard:


That is what I have been doing lately – staying on Long Island and wandering my own backyard, around the little nooks and crannies.

JAWS III in Greenport

For all of its faults, there are beautiful spots on the Island. Admittedly, I have a hard time letting my guard down here. Sometimes I just can’t give myself over to this place. But, I’m trying.

Satterlys Landing

With the Ural my pace is different.There is something about the nature of the beast that allows me to look around in a different way than I do on the Tiger. I have seen things that I’ve passed a million times before but never noticed.

Pokey is amazed by the harbor

Does it really have anything to do with the Ural? I don’t know. Sometimes I think we don’t see some things until we’re ready. But when you are ready… there is plenty in the world to be amazed by.

Smile! Random Sunday Ride Photo

Smile! Random Sunday Ride Photo

This pretty much sums up my Sunday:

Smiley Bouy in Montauk

Here on Long Island it was a sunny, nearly spring day. Though the winds were blowing all day, the temperatures danced around the 50 degree mark.

I put the daylight savings to good use by floating around for 200 miles on the Speed Triple. It was one of those days that felt absolutely perfect.

How About You?

How was your Sunday? Did you get out for a ride, too?

A Mid-March Sunday Ride on the East End of Long Island

A Mid-March Sunday Ride on the East End of Long Island

On Sunday morning I rolled out of the driveway heading out to meet up with some of the gang from ADVrider for a  street ride. This was the first time in many weeks that I took the Speed Triple out. I’d been riding the DRZ for the last few weeks.

I love my Speed Triple immensely and actually missed riding her quite a bit. I was looking forward to getting it out for a shakedown. The first thing that I noticed was how heavy the bike felt to roll around in the driveway. For the first time, the always nimble Triple felt a little porky.  As I saddled up and got ready to head out, the seat felt so wide and comfortable! Helllllooo, old friend! It is really quite amazing how quickly your perception of  the size and weight of a motorcycle can change.

After meeting up with the last of the guys at 10:30 and a few minutes of tire kicking, we set off. We were a motley crew: 1 Triumph, 1 Ducati, 1 Husqvarna, 2 Kawasakis, 1 KTM and 1 Harley Davidson. Quite a mixed bag of marques but they all played nice together as we snaked our way through sandy lanes. We weaved our way around the east end of Long Island and finally stopped for lunch at the fabulously olde tymey Cornonet Cafe in Greenport. Friends, food and motorcycles. Does it get any better?

Coronet Cafe Greenport New York

We hopped the ferry to Shelter Island and took in some of the sights. As I cruised along I saw about 100 places I would like to stop and take photos of one day. The sculptor John Chamberlain had a studio on Shelter Island. I’d love to find out that he’s still creating work there. One more thing to add to the To-Do List: Go back to explore.

Shelter Island Ferry Bikes

Shelter Island Ferry Greenport - F'n Hal! Greenport Motorcycle Parking by Claudios Greenport New York Fishing Boat

I really like riding with everyone I’ve met on ADV. There is a really cool, laid back vibe that I appreciate. Each person brings unique and interesting knowledge to the table. Love that. Looking forward to the next time…

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