I Spy: Honda CB350 Motorcycle – Daily Rider?

We spotted this lovely little Honda CB350 while we were in Maine last summer. It appears to be stock save for the windshield and highway bars. What a great looking bike. It just makes me want to go for a ride, 70’s style.

Red Honda CB350

Honda CB350

I can see it now – Me, putting on my best pair of Earth Shoes and hitting the road on a groovy adventure. I have big dreams of listening to 8-tracks, making Jiffy Pop and eating fondue from here to San Francisco. “Breaker, breaker this is Motorcycle Mama, come back. How am I hitting you? Wall to wall and treetop tall? Watch your donkey, good buddy. We got us a Kojack with a Kodak hiding in the grass.”

It just feels good. Doesn’t it?

This post is nothing without you: Bring it back, now. Do you copy?


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7 Responses

  1. soth says:

    As much potential as that bike has… I can’t picture you riding anything but your S3, but then again, I don’t know much.

  2. soth says:

    I know enough to know that I don’t know enough.

  3. fuzzygalore says:

    New Blog Post: I Spy: Honda CB350 Motorcycle – Daily Rider? http://bit.ly/7v7cIQ

  4. redbone says:

    i remember the Earth shoes back in the 70’s. they had the heel up front. they said it was natural and you felt like walking barefoot when you wore them. it was weird!!

    now that you know how old i am, can we still be friends? :O)

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      @Redbone –
      Of course! I had earth shoe knock-offs that my mom got for me from Thom McAn. I had 1 pair in black suede and 1 in brown.

      My monkeyhand shoes are like walking barefoot, too. Apparently walking barefoot = ugly 😆

  5. OG! says:

    Thanks for the grade school flashback – Thom McAn earth shoe knock offs… 🙂 yeah, me too. And suede desert boots as well..

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