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I Spy: Honda CB350 Motorcycle – Daily Rider?

I Spy: Honda CB350 Motorcycle – Daily Rider?

We spotted this lovely little Honda CB350 while we were in Maine last summer. It appears to be stock save for the windshield and highway bars. What a great looking bike. It just makes me want to go for a ride, 70’s style.

Red Honda CB350
Honda CB350

I can see it now – Me, putting on my best pair of Earth Shoes and hitting the road on a groovy adventure. I have big dreams of listening to 8-tracks, making Jiffy Pop and eating fondue from here to San Francisco. “Breaker, breaker this is Motorcycle Mama, come back. How am I hitting you? Wall to wall and treetop tall? Watch your donkey, good buddy. We got us a Kojack with a Kodak hiding in the grass.”

It just feels good. Doesn’t it?

This post is nothing without you: Bring it back, now. Do you copy?

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