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The Perks of Being Part of a Motorcycle “Couple”

The Perks of Being Part of a Motorcycle “Couple”

Many people who are part of a couple in which both people ride their own motorcycles like to wax poetic about how it’s so great to be able to ride with the person you love most, your best friend, blah blah blah…

Get real. The best part of being in a motorcycle couple is being able to ride each other’s bikes! 😉

Kennys CL 350

Kenny sent me out on his CL today to just run some gas through it. Now that’s the kind of “honey do” list I like!

Spring Cleaning Around Chez Galore

Spring Cleaning Around Chez Galore

It’s that time of year again. The skies are blue, the birds are chirping, we’ve been doing a bit of spring cleanup.

I walked outside to find Kenny had been busy doing “manly things” out there. He was taking apart his Honda F4i track bike and shuffling it’s pieces and guts around.

F4i guts in the Radio Flyer

I feel ever so proud to know that we now have the fastest Radio Flyer on the block.

5 Ugly Motorcycles I Would Not Want to Ride

5 Ugly Motorcycles I Would Not Want to Ride

We’ve all heard the adage – it’s not what you ride, it’s that you ride. These 5 bikes are exceptions to that rule. Beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone!

The Ducati Indiana

Clearly someone must’ve forgotten their medication when they agreed to slap the Ducati badge on this beast. Crap handling and hideous looks. We’ve got a winner! …for bike I’d never want to ride.

Ducati Indiana

Photo Credit: MotorcycleClassics.com

Dan Gurney Alligator

What. The. HELL? Recumbent must be Latin for “looks retarded.”
Dan Gurney Alligator

Gurney Alligator Barber Motorsports Museum

Morbidelli V8

Oh, hell no!

Morbidelli V8

I think I’ve seen that ugly mug somewhere before. Am I right?

Star Wars Sand People

Aprilia Moto 6.5

Any motorcycle that makes me think of clowns is inherently frightening. Stick to designing kettles, Starck. The motorcycle game isn’t for you.

Wikipedia – Philippe Starck

Aprilia Moto 6.5 Designed by Starck

Honda Rune

Seriously? Rune? Roo-in? Ruin? How fitting.

This bike looks so long that I bet you could be where you’re leaving from and be where you’re going at the same time.
Honda Rune

Your Thoughts?

Motorcycle Photo: 1968 Honda CL 350 Cafe Racer

Motorcycle Photo: 1968 Honda CL 350 Cafe Racer

1968 Honda CL 350 Cafe Racer

I love Kenny’s CL. I think he did such a great job on resurrecting it from a shabby, mismatched clunker and turning it into a snappy little spitfire.

Last week, Discovery HD Theater launched it’s new series Cafe Racer TV. Aside from the show itself, they launched a snazzy new website. Part of their promotion machine features a contest in which viewers can submit photos of their bikes for a chance to win some Cafe Racer TV swag. I, of course encouraged Kenny to submit a pic of his red & white beauty.

Part of the premise of contests like these is of course to get participants to encourage their friends to vote on their behalf and thereby bring publicity to the website and show. Kenny’s bike was doing really great until yesterday. He had over 80 thumbs up votes which magically turned in to 18. It seems that an army of people got together to thumbs down his bike. At the same time, another bike more than doubled it’s votes. Dang.

I’m kinda bummed that positive votes can be negated, but it is what it is. He’s still a winner in my book whether I get a free t-shirt or not. Did I say, I? I meant he 😉

I’ll be looking forward to more episodes of Cafe Racer TV and applaud HD Theater for their increasing motorcycle coverage. From their Isle of Man coverage and now this… their on the right track.

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