What’s in your Tankbag? Confessions of a Road Geek.

What’s in your Tankbag? Confessions of a Road Geek.

This past Saturday I was out of the house for most of the day running errands and doing family things. When I arrived back home I walked into the kitchen and found a box sitting on the counter waiting for me. Kenny surprised me by buying me a Asus Eee PC – Seashell mini laptop. ‘I thought you could easily just throw it in your purse or your bag when you’re riding or on trips,’ he said. Isn’t he just a gem?

With a 10 inch screen, built in camera, Microsoft office suite and a web browser, I pretty much have everything I personally need to sit down and write something or upload photos when I‘m on the go. This light as a feather little bugger came dressed in a very spiffy high gloss black finish and I’ll tell you, if it isn’t just the cutest darn thing, I don‘t know what is!

Cut to this morning. As I sipped my coffee and got myself ready for work, I moved all of the things I had put in my tank bag the night before out on the counter to put into my handbag. That’s when it hit me. I’m a nerd. A big one. There may have been some key indicators prior to this, but clearly I must have been ignoring them.

Blackberry, Ipod, camera, backup camera I used to take the picture of my regular camera, 8GB memory stick, and now… a tiny laptop? Oofa, I think someone might need to stage an intervention and save me from myself. All this from the girl who won’t succumb to using a GPS!

So how about you? What’s in your tank bag? Are you a road GEEK or are you the no cords attached type when you hit the highway?

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  1. I never used to use a tank bag because they always got in my way whenever I’d hang off the bike. Well… never say “never” right? Now I use what I believe is the tiniest “bag” on the market, I forgot who makes it, but let me tell you, it’s pretty fricking small, just enough to allow me to empty a jacket pocket or 2, but it doesn’t get in my way.

    In this tiny bag, I carry my butts, a lighter, a small camera and my HABA* which consists of a tube of chapstick, a travel sized bottle of visine (great for those really hot days) and a travel size bottle of Advil (great for everyday of the year). If I don’t take the camera, I squeeze in a pair on sunglasses instead but they barely fit in the bag.

    Sometimes I use a tail bag but it’s rare nowadays because I find I don’t need to carry all that much. I use a Fieldsheer shield pouch that has a strap on it so you can wear your extra shield on you, either around your chest or around you waist. Between the leathers and back protector, you never even feel it.

    Oh, and btw, when you get familiar with using your new EEE (jealous),
    can we get a review?

    *HABA = Heatlh and Beauty aids

  2. @GC – Is the bag a Manta or something like that? Its like a magnetic pocket?

    Oh, man. I can’t even fully inventory my tankbag for you,it’d probably be embarrassing. It’s like a blackhole for “stuff”. I just gave you the lowdown on my gadgets. Seriously, I found a cliff bar in one of my tankbag pockets last week. I haven’t had any of those since I was in West Virginia in May 2008. Oops. 😎

  3. Umm, I think the bag is made by Fieldsheer… it’s extrnal dimensions are 6″x9″, and that includes the magnets. If I were to measure the usable storage compartments, it would be about 4″ 6″.

    I do have a normal sized tankbag that I used only once for my Ironbutt ride… I looked in the other day and found a french fry(!), 2 Clif bars, a Camelback bladdar with water in it, a mini Maglite that I though I lost, and some edamame… this was all from that ride how many months ago?! Let me tell you, it was UGLY.

    As far as your bag goes… I’m surprised that your Kindle isn’t part of your arsenal!

  4. @OG
    I guess peanuts do last a while. Unless they are being carried by blondie. Then they’ve only got about a 5 minute shelf life. SMASH!

  5. @GC
    /… and some edamame… /
    That is awesomely distgusting. NICE! 8-}

    You know, it would be interesting to get your feedback in hindsight of your 48 hour odyssey – like do you feel any differeently about it now than you did the week of? And you’re a petty wordy fella, where’s YOUR blog??!

    No, no kindle in the bag. I need to buy some kind of gel sleeve for it. I don’t know that I would take the time to read on a riding trip, either. Hey did you get yourself a Kindle yet? Did you see the new big one?

  6. Ironbutts…

    I did mine basically to test myself. The week leading up to it I was filled with excitement and anticipation and the the following few days after the ride, I was filled with noting but fatigue.

    Would I do it again? The short answer is yes. In fact, I was planning on doing one this weekend but instead, I’ve opted to do a solo 3 day sight seeing, decidedly unsporty tour of sorts, a tour of New England – MA, VT, NH, ME, RI.

    I started out thinking I’d do another IBA style ride but the thought of the being sleepy in the dead of night on my 8th gas stop, keeping track of receipts and keeping a log… not so much fun. I’d do one again if – I get a sport touring bike or I have some company. Solo at the tail end of winter on a sportbike? Never again.

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