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Two Resolutions and a Mystery Machine

Two Resolutions and a Mystery Machine

When the new year rolled in there were two things that I resolved to do for myself.

When I’m out in the world and I see something interesting, I need to stop saying ‘I’ll stop to look at it on the way back.’

Sometimes there is no going back. This is it, this could be my only chance. Stop and enjoy it now! I’ve burned myself with ‘later’ too many times.

Blog first. Twitter, Facebook second. I’ve kind of lost my way on the blog at times because the convenience of Twitter and Facebook make it so fast and easy to share what I’m seeing or thinking that it often never makes it to these pages.

I need to get back to my roots. Way back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the land I would post on my blog all the time. Small posts, big posts, sometimes just a picture – whatever. I need to get back to that.

Somewhere along the way I think I must’ve subscribed to someone else’s idea of how a blog should be run. Yea, not doing that anymore. Totally gangsta, right? 🙂

So, what do these things have to do with anything?


ural and the mystery machine

The Mystery Machine was one of those things that I might have said I’ll stop later for. But, instead I swung a quick U-ey and soaked in all of its mysterious glory. {pats self on back}

mystery machine minivan

So, cheers to the new year and to getting on with living on our own terms. And to the people who paint their minivans.

Sights From the Road: Greatest Car in the Universe v4.0 – Mufflermobile

Sights From the Road: Greatest Car in the Universe v4.0 – Mufflermobile

Okay, I know. I know, I know, I know. Every time that I see an amazing art car I go bananas and get all, “this is the greatest car in the universe!” But,…

Muffler… CAR!  ::faints::

Muffler Car!

We actually saw the muffler car when we pulled into the town of Franklin, NC on Day 3 of our road trip south. I caught it out of the corner of my eye as I rode past it. It was after dinner time and Kenny and I were both tired and hungry. So, I broke one of my own rules and kept going.

When we found a hotel and pulled into the unloading area, I took my helmet off and excitedly said to Kenny, “DID YOU SEE THAT MUFFLER CAR?!1?!?!” To which he responded, “No.”

Clearly he wasn’t excited because the magnitude of its greatness did not have a chance to seer into his retinas yet. But luckily for blondie, I’m not a quitter. I did what any smart person would do and set a reminder on my iPhone to visit the muffler car when we were heading out the following day.

I think the chiming of my reminder might have woken Kenny up the next morning.  Oopsie 🙂 That is the only logical explanation for his body language in the distance:

Kenny gazes on the greatness that is the Muffler Car

“Stupid muffler car. I can’t believe I’m sitting out here in the pouring rain looking at this ridiculous thing.”

Can you imagine how fabulous a burnout in the Muffler Car would look? Peelin’ out with 4 on the muffler floor. Badass.

–gallery rem’d

Other ‘Greatest Cars in the Universe’

A Brush With Greatness: Meeting the Wienermobile

A Brush With Greatness: Meeting the Wienermobile

Some dreams are gigantic, epic undertakings that take a lifetime to complete if they can ever even be completed. Then there are other dreams that are just simple bits of whimsy. Wishes, if you will.

On the surface those wishes may appear to have a small scope but their impact can bring a smile to your face long after they are realized. That makes those little dreams and wishes just as important as the big ones, in my book.

One of the wishes I’ve long held close to my fuzzy little heart has been to see the Wienermobile up close. Dumb? Probably. But, so what?

Last week – A Dream Realized:

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The giant hot dog came wheeling onto Long Island and I was there.

Has ever a finer vehicle ever graced the highways and byways of this world? I don’t think so. It seems to emanate happiness from its hotdogginess.

My Wienermobile Swag

The Wienermobiles were hand crafted by Icelandic unicorns. Before the unicorns sent the giant rolling wieners out into the world to bring joy to the masses, they infused them with baby otter farts and cookie dust to give them a little extra sparkle. True story.

Inside the belly of the beast:

Inside the Wienermobile

You can stalk track the Wienermobiles to find out where to have a brush with lunchmeat greatness.

The Wienermobile

The Wienermobile is the grandaddy of all “Greatest Cars in the Universe.”


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Moto Photo: Holy Knit! Scooter Parked in New York City

Moto Photo: Holy Knit! Scooter Parked in New York City

Parking is a little tight around New York City. Scooter riders have to squeeze in wherever they can. You know, like wedged in behind a car that is wearing a crocheted yarn cozy.

Olek's Crochet Covered Car on Henry Street
This awesome car was actually a non-working model that was part of Olek’s “Knitting is for Pus****” exhibition at the Christopher Henry Gallery in New York.