Rain, Rain, Go Away – Finally, Warm, Dry Feet!

Rain, Rain, Go Away – Finally, Warm, Dry Feet!

It looks like nothing but rain in the forecast for the next eternity. I thought for sure that the minute I got waterproof boots, I wouldn’t need them. That my preparation would seal the deal, that it would be sunshine and blue skies from here on in. Turns out… eh, not so much. I’m happy to say that my Sidi Vertigo Rain’s kept my feet warm and dry today.

In the rain and on the move…


fuzzygalore spotted riding the BMW R1550GS on the Long Island Expressway in the rain

2 Replies to “Rain, Rain, Go Away – Finally, Warm, Dry Feet!”

  1. I have those boots too. They’re great in the rain, except don’t forget to untuck your pants from your boots. I learned that the hard way and ended up with swimming pool feet.

  2. Look at that big, bad Beemer sucking up all that nasty 🙂 Yeah! for waterproof stuff that actually is…see ya tomorrow

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