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Chick Bike

The Speed Triple could never be called a ‘pretty’ bike. With it’s naked, aggressive looks it comes off totally butch, totally masculine. That is of course until it’s sporting a fluffy pink unicorn.


The Original Find: Heart and Sole, West Virginia

When I’m out and about I seem to always see heart-shaped things on the ground while I’m walking… like rocks, holes, ice cream splatters. It started happening often enough that I started taking pictures of them as I go along. This collection of photos documents this.


Love is in the Air

I saw this scratched in to the door of a truckstop bathroom in Pennsylvania. Sometimes you can’t question the source of wisdom. Just feel it, know it and live it. As I walked along...


Marlinton, WV Train Depot – Burned

It was really sad to see the train depot in Marlinton had recently caught fire and burned. I remembered it from the last time we passed through about 2 years ago. Hopefully the town...