Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

I saw this scratched in to the door of a truckstop bathroom in Pennsylvania. Sometimes you can’t question the source of wisdom. Just feel it, know it and live it.

As I walked along the roadway on 219 in West Virginia, I saw this hole in the road. If you just open your eyes, love is everywhere.

4 Replies to “Love is in the Air”

  1. What type of shoes are those? Hahahahha I’ve never seen anything like that. As for the truck stop walls, well you can expect to see just about anything on there. Seems as though you had another great ride ma’am.


  2. :oD Those, my dear are Vibram fivefingers. They definately aren’t for everyone, but i love ’em. They’re like walking barefoot, which I happen to love. Go figure. The shoe fetish girl who like to be barefoot 🙂

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