Sights from the Road: New F’n Yawk Staw

Sights from the Road: New F’n Yawk Staw

What do you think they sell in the New York Store?

Do you think they sell manuals on the many different ways to tell people to go f*ck themselves, for tourists? How about laminated quick reference cards on ‘how to drive like an asshole’?

Who could forget ‘Flipping other drivers off, the unabridged version’ and the best selling,  ‘You too can drive 48 MPH in the left lane on the LIE! Ask Me How!,’ bumper stickers?  The possibilities are endless, really.

Just in case they sell benign things like jelly and dishtowels with turkeys embroidered on them, I thought it best to just snap and go to keep the fantasy alive.

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  1. See, I thought you had to “have a guy” to get that stuff. Here, I could be shopping at the New York store and enjoying all the benefits of city life right away 🙂

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