My Speed Triple Is All Spiffed Up Once Again

My Speed Triple Is All Spiffed Up Once Again

This past weekend, my Triumph got it’s seasonal look-see. It’s got a new set of tires, new chain & sprockets, fluids are good – I’m officially ready to hit the road. I feel better, knowing that everything is in tip top shape. Not that I had any doubts. But, it had been sitting in the garage, un-loved for the better part of two months while the DRZ got all the wintertime action.

My 2005 Triumph Speed Triple

Kenny changing my tiresIn many ways, I don’t have the same relationship with the DRZ as I do with the Triple. For obvious reason, the DRZ taking a dirtnap is far less catastrophic than the Speed Triple doing it. So I guess I kind of ignored the Triumph throughout the sandy, slippery and salty winter.

There was also the matter of a pesky slow leak in the Triple’s squared-off, balding rear tire. I’m sure Kenny was only too happy to not have me come batting my eyelashes and asking him to change my tires until the garage warmed up a bit anyway.

Kenny is the unsung hero of my riding life. I keep telling myself that he likes working with his hands, but sometimes when the profanity cloud gets really thick over the garage I feel some serious pangs of guilt. It’s tough to know that he’s out there skinning his knuckles on my behalf.

All in all though, we are really a great team. I ride, he wrenches. Works for me! 😉

I’ve been riding the Triple for the last couple weekends and it has felt FANTASTIC. I really missed it.

How was your weekend?

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  1. “Unsung hero of my riding life” is a perfect way to describe these wrenching men of ours. 🙂

    I’m glad you got your baby back. I look forward to reading of many exciting exploits in the near future as our world finally warms!

  2. When I interviewed Robin for the job of my partner, I focused on her willingness to ride with me. Never occurred to me to ask about her mechanical skills… 🙂

    Just put a new tire on my Yamaha and need to get the BWM serviced. Both are filthy from riding in the Winter. I was going to wash them this weekend but the weather was too nice for that; given today’s rain, that was the right choice.

    Having two bikes is wonderful, isn’t it?

  3. I’m jealous that you have a personal pit crew. Keep your eyes open for any strays…it’s funny how when I was younger all I wanted was someone who was funny. Now they have to be funny and like motos AND be able to work on them. 🙂 Glad the bike is ready! It’s beautiful and I’m filled with jealousy!

    1. I hear you! I really got pretty lucky with this one. He’s really a keeper. I wish I had a spare to send you 🙂

      Must Love Motos
      Perfect dating tagline 🙂
      While you’re making your criteria list – you might want to add “can lift heavy objects” on there. I gotta tell you – that is INCREDIBLY handy to have around!

      I was once involved with someone who didn’t love motorcycles… notice I said was 😆

      Jealousy?!? Girlfriend you just got yourself a new bike!!!! You just didnt want to change the name of your blog, huh? ;o)

    1. Thanks, Richard!
      This iPhone is really getting a lot of exercise lately!

      The 1st photo was taken with the Camera+ then i used LoMob to alter it.

      The second one with the tire was again taken with Camera+ and i used TiltShift Gen to alter it.

  4. Man, I’d love to have tire-changing equip. (and know-how; I’ve never mounted street tires) in the garage. It’s such a pain in the exhaust and time-suck to tote wheels to the dealer for new rubber. I’d be bribing Kenny with beer if you guys lived nearby. :^) BTW, I hear the new Street Triple will have a new “look”. I really like the current styling.

    1. Doug-
      You might want to take a look at the NoMar rig then. Over time it will pay for itself in convenience, time, effort and the cost of paying to swap tires. It does come with a an instructional dvd. I am confident you’d be able to do your own tires.

      Father’s Day is coming soon… beats the hell out of a tie! 😉

      If they make the Street Triple look anything like the new Speed.. it’s gonna be fug, too. They messed up, man. Yeesh.

  5. Ron is my unsung hero. We have a similar set up – I ride, he wrenches. Yeah I’ve done a bit here and there, blatantly as a blog post opportunity rather than any real desire to learn how to maintain my bike, otherwise he’s pretty much on his own.

    It’s good to see the Triple getting ready to ride.

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