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4 Responses

  1. fuzzygalore says:

    I Spy: 1967 Honda CB160 Cafe Racer: We spotted this beautifully restored 1967 Honda CB160 while kicking… http://bit.ly/4InH2f #motorcycle

  2. Cadillac Jack says:

    That bike is sweet! Say what you will about small displacement bikes, I think they’re pretty cool. Anyone with a larger displacement bike can gun it out of turns, but it takes pretty discipline motorcyclist to find perfect lines and use all of the power (which is to say not much) when riding. Great post!

  3. Fuzzygalore says:


    I agree wholeheartedly. Small displacements or older technologies require more input or skill from the rider to make them “go”. Many of the new and larger displacement bikes do so much of the work for you. Think right, go right. I love a bike that you have to work!

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