Bermuda Scooter: Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition

Bermuda Scooter: Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition

I spotted this guy on a cool Repsol Edition Honda Sonic 125 while in Bermuda.

Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition

Scooters, Scooters, Everywhere!

Bermuda has an island wide speed limit of 30mph and a motorcycle displacement limit of 150ccs.  Importing vehicles and the price of oil/gasoline on the little island must be a small fortune.  No doubt this must have helped to shape these restrictions.

Though they are catching on, why aren’t scooters more popular in major metropolitan cities of the US? Around the world motorcycles and scooters are utility vehicles – much less pleasure vehicles. They provide cheap gas-sipping easy transport. Why don’t more Americans want that?

Scooters – They aren’t just for King Wah’s Dragon Noodle anymore!

11 Replies to “Bermuda Scooter: Honda Sonic 125 Repsol Edition”

  1. How many Kilo meters can Honda sonic run for on 1liter of gasoline?
    because honda sonic could go only 35kh/L, that is very expensive for me to buy gasoline,

    how about yours honda sonic?

    1. Hey Narith-
      I’m afraid I myself do not have a Sonic to answer your question about range. I just happened to see that one on the street in Bermuda and thought it looked cool. I’m not sure they are even available in the US.

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  3. Is it too late to comment on this post? LOL. I have a 1986 Honda Elite 250 scooter that I take to work. It’s 18 miles on back roads, the speed limit is never more than 40, and my Elite will do 65, while getting 70+ MPG. It puts a smile on my face!

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