Spring Fever – Reading Breaking the Limit by Karen Larsen

Okay, it’s official. I am about to burst. Two days ago I snuck out for a quick 30 mile loop on the Triple. It had warmed up to a balmy 35 degrees. Me, looking as my little one says… ‘;plumpy’; in my warm coat with a fleece underneath and a sweater, cruising contently along the north shore. Dodging sand, crater like pot holes, patches of ice. It was bliss. Well, you know how that goes. If you’ve been starving, a saltine tastes like freakin’ filet mignon.

So i’ve spent the last few weeks absolutely pouring over maps and routes and websites, feeding my pipedreams of what this season has instore for me. I’m hoping to take some more adventurous day trips this year. I’m just kinda sick of of the same old, same old. This is of course, all up in the air, but i plan on being prepared with a cool route sheet at a moments notice. Gonna print up a stack of routes that i’ve got now, pull one bindly out of a hat. The element of suprise. Yeah! Or.. maybe not.

We’re locked in to a trip back to Deals Gap next month and then a long weekend thru West Virginia in May. Its nice to have something kind of solidified. Our plans are still kind of vague for for Nova Scotia. Stay tuned for that. ..come on spring!

Been reading this book:


Book Description

Breaking the Limit is one woman’s account of riding her motorcycle from New Jersey to Alaska and back. Realizing that years of work and travel in other people’s countries made her a stranger in her own, and with an invitation to meet her biological father for the first time, Karen Larsen set out on a fifteen-thousand-mile trip with nothing but her motorcycle and the barest of essentials. Larsen’s journey tests the limits of her own endurance, challenges her long-held beliefs and values, and asks what it means to belong to a family. Through the the fields of Iowa and the deserts of the Southwest, over the Rockies and across Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Larsen confronts questions of femininity, family, independence, and personal identity. Her journey speaks to the immense space and over-whelming beauty of North America, as well as to the diversity and vitality of the people she meets along the way. Breaking the Limit invites you to join her as she braces against the wind, trades security for freedom, sacrifices stability for motion, and opens herself up to the vast canopy of a continent.

Its just been fueling my fire to get out and feel free again. I’ve found it to be a really compelling read. Don’t be put off by ‘another woman on a motorcycle’ book, story etc. It is a human story in which the main character happens to be a woman. I find it to hold universal truths that go beyond gender. Although some aspects of it of course relate directly to being a woman, i still find it to not be just a ‘woman’s story’. Give it a look!

Anywho.. back to work


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