I rolled away from my garage at 5:20. The sky had not yet broken. The light was still tucked away behind the clouds that spat at me as I rolled along Sound Avenue towards the Oriet Point ferry. There wasn’t another soul on the road. Just me rolling along behind the orange glow of my dash.

The sun began to peek thru – a HUGE orange sun. The kind that makes you have to pull over for a sec just to see it. As i caught glimpses of it thru the trees, it was like a magnet pulling me towards a place to stop to get a better look at her salmon colored fire. My photos could never capture the magnitude.

Madonna’s – Nothing Fails played thru my IPOD as i sat there snapping the picture in the early morning solitude. I thought the lyrics were pretty fitting as I rolled off to the hum of the Triple sound.

‘;i’m not religious
Still I feel so moved
Makes me wanna pray…’;

I pulled in to the Orient Ferry, grabbed a ticket as Bill & Tim rolled up followed shortly thereafter by Robert. The wind picked up, the skies greyed and things were looking.. well.. wet.

Off to Moto-Mart we rolled. 95 miles from the ferry. The sun was out, I actually got a light rosey tint on my cheeks. The big digi-thermo we passed said 74 degrees. Heavenly… That is of course until we headed towards RT 2 in North Adams. We had about a solid hour of rain. Now, I don’t mind the rain really. Except of course when my jacket and pants FAIL to be waterproof!

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  1. Looking forward to the rest of the narative. I used to ride the O.P. ferry to race weekends at the Bridge. I even rode the RD to the races, raced that weekend and managed not to crash! My friend Carl used to say ” if you aint crashin, your not trying hard enough”. I remember race folk stopping by the tent and offering rides back to Mass in case I decided to try harder. Always met the best people at those long ago weekends. P.S. I did my share of crashin.

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