The View from Bark Road – Sideling Hill Summit

The View from Bark Road – Sideling Hill Summit

When riding along Route 30 in Pennsylvania, there is an easily missed road called Bark Rd. at the Sideling Hill Summit. The reason I know it’s easily missed is because I’ve passed it a dozen time without ever venturing down.

These photos are a throwback to a trip that I took in September 2017.

Sometimes I’ll scan through my picture folders and think, why didn’t I ever post those? And the reason is usually some weird rule that I’ve established for myself. That absurd rule is ~ if the trip wasn’t in the near past, then no one will care. Weird, right? Who would ever know they weren’t recent? AND! What difference does it make?

I’m going to chalk it up to conditioning from the immediacy of social media. And I’m also going to start posting stuff I’ve seen and never shared, regardless of the timing.

It was a gorgeous morning when I ventured down the road. I didn’t know what I’d find. The view of the curve of the Earth was worth it.

As I walked back to my bike, I was greeted by a friendly smile perched on a tree stump.

Good day, sunshine.

Bark Road
Harrisonville, Pa.
Google Maps

8 Replies to “The View from Bark Road – Sideling Hill Summit”

    1. A couple years ago o did a nice gravel road ride coming out of Near Duncannon and heading north. It was all day in the gravel. Delightful. I wish I still had that roll chart :-/

  1. If the photo is cool it’s cool, so post away.

    Have you been to the abandonded section of the turnpike near there?

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